Unboxing the world's cheapest pickup truck, just $2,000 on Alibaba

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Not a pickup, but ~$900 before shipping (in 2020)


Call it an electric mobility scooter, and drive it down the sidewalk.


I’m not sure what to make of that except that it’s an obvious typo. But Jason Torchinsky describes the 1.1 hp Changli as having the power of a horse plus one whole horse fetus.


I found another set of videos on this truck on this guys channel.

I must say for something that starts at 2 grand it looks kind of fun. If it was street legal it could be a fun alternative to a cargo e-bike.


What’s the towing capacity? :wink:


I’ve long fantasized about the possibility of a (very) small car market in the US, but the reality has turned out to be that regular small cars, much less super-light vehicles like this, are just speed-bumps for the (literally) tank-sized SUVs that are on American roads now. (And given who’s driving the biggest vehicles, there’s the very real risk that they’d deliberately run over light electric vehicles…)

That’s the sustainable future - small, light vehicles filling in the gaps around public transport. I know it’s worked in various parts of Europe, but I just don’t see either one having a chance in the US any time soon, unfortunately. I don’t see how we could potentially get there, either.

Well, I suspect it’s not the “near infinite mass” pulling capacity that the Tesla Cybertruck is current promising. (Yes, seriously. And by “seriously” I mean that’s what they’re really claiming, not that the truck is, in any way, a serious product. Because clearly, it isn’t.)


The alibaba page indicates for horsepower “≤100Ps” which is what, Ponies? It might be interesting to do a comparison with an actual horse… picking up a payload and simulating “charge time” with a nap etc. Maybe the horse is pulling a small trailer or a chariot.


Two sets of golf clubs, probably.


I’ve been considering a UTV or mule type thing as a runabout on the farm. This is like a third of the price…


Ten fingers and ten tows. :slight_smile:


I live really close to my work, if only there were power outlets in the apartment garage…


I’ve seen a number of the tiny Japanese Toyota pickup/van conversions locally. They are about the size of a SmartCar and are NOT electric, although they would probably sell well if they were. Shoots, if they were electric, I might consider getting one to replace my Fit when it kicks the bucket, although I don’t intend that to be for years.
eta: I guess it’s called the Pixis, and is based on a Daihatsu mini-truck.


A quick skim of the video seems interesting, but it’s starting to grate on me when people just say “from china” about stuff, or just call it “imported.” everything is made somewhere, most things are made multiple places. It just feels like a lazy and kinda gross shorthand that should’ve died in the 80s. In a post Trump world? we can definitely do better. just say the brand, folks.

(btw, not saddling you with all this, just commenting the youtubers word choice…)


Check the ceiling! That garage door opener is plugged into something! For a while I had a whole apt garage dedicated to a PC and a Vive VR setup all plugged into the ceiling socket intended for the opener


I actually bought a cheap electric pickup truck from Alibaba. Here’s what showed up
Micah Toll October 25, 2021

It has been in use on his parent’s Florida property since then. Used for hauling mulch and such. I recently heard a podcast episode on which he said that it is holding up well. He recently ordered an electric boat from Alibaba. He said that he’d heard from readers who had run into problems importing it. According to his correspondents some custom officials believe that the buyers intend to use it on the street. He speculates that because it has the some of the accoutrements of street legal vehicles rather than being stripped down that that may be why they are skeptical.

Because the truck has held up he recently ordered an electric powered boat. It has yet to arrive.

I bought this 5-seater electric boat on Alibaba for $1,080. Am I crazy?
Micah Toll Nov 21 2022


In the follow up video, where he added the solar panel, you can see he put larger knobby tires on. Probably still a fraction of a Gators cost. (Obviously less powerfull but still…)

These mini electric vehicles are a really interesting class. Its a shame they are basically limited to farms due to the fast big vehicle focus of even residential roads.


It is really intriguing. I need to look more closely at the internal measurements. I’m a large mammal even by US American standards and I’m not certain the cab would accommodate me but I am definitely going to be examining this a bit more over the weekend.


This guy’s nervous laugh after every single thing he says made me cringe the whole way though