CyberSchmuck admits trucks are hard to build

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Umm, Rivian has been delivering EV pickups for two years…


Hyundai is a successful car company. They sell many more than Tesla in Ireland, they sell more electric cars than Tesla in Ireland. They are not 100 years old.

Business is so full of bullshit.


stupid form/function question: how is that a truck? truck (shortened from old timey ‘motor truck’) are supposed to truck/haul stuff. you tell me there’s a bed to toss 2x4s in that thing? well ok i guess then - elsewise…


I’m glad that actual truck manufacturers are chasing the goal sincerely now. It’s a harder nut to crack than cars. People buy trucks to get a performance envelope that seems outside of what an electric truck can currently (ha?) deliver. This thread might devolve into what the last one was - arguing about people buying capabilities they don’t actually use. That part doesn’t matter to me. They expect to have the ability to tow a big load in winter, and battery power just can’t do that now. Adding a hybrid system would be great for whatever percentage of the time those owners are just driving around town.


My expectations were lowered at the launch.


What an offensive sack of shit… the truck is pretty crap too.



As an American, I’m dying for a small electric utility vehicle. I really want an electric kei van, but they are not Street legal unless registered as a farm vehicle. My only choice is to pay $70k for a huge electric pickup to make regular short, urban trips to get some plywood. So I purchase nothing.

Musky clown has kept this truck environment in America stuck this way with his stupid fake truck. He needs to shit or get off the pot, win or lose, let’s get there so things can change.


Ford seems to have licked this problem (the EV truck equation) with their F-150 Lightening, maybe Elno should shut his yap and realize he may not be the smartest guy in the room and look at what others are doing.


I mean how hard can it be? With an electric chassis and a sheet metal brake it would be a weekend DIY project.


Chrysler was founded in 1925. SAAB in 1937. Ferrari in 1939. Volkswagen in 1937. Honda in 1937, but they didn’t start making cars until the 1960s. Toyota in 1937. Kia in 1944, but they didn’t start making cars until the 1970s.


Yeah, I certainly like Rivians better than the Cybertruck, but the cheapest version they sell, with the smallest battery, is still $73k MSRP. Decent batteries for electric trucks are massive and could be put to better use powering several smaller cars instead. Not to mention the total weight of the truck (which is about double that of some other trucks) and the wear that puts on public roads.

I agree with @jlw that hybrids are probably the way to go for now. A hybrid Ford Maverick has a MSRP of about $23k, gets 42mpg city / 33 mpg highway, and takes a fraction of the resources to build. Depending on where the power to recharge the Rivian comes from I would think that the total lifecycle of the Maverick may even have a smaller environmental footprint than the Rivian. And if they ever make a plug-in hybrid variant of the Maverick that would be awesome.


So, I grew up (mostly) in urban Ontario, which means in general I prefer smaller cars. Better for the environment, easier to park, etc. EVs sorta flip this metric a bit, and now that I live in Suburbia and kinda want to camp-around-the-US we’ve seriously been considering if it’s pickup time for us instead of a CUV. The Lightning seems like an obvious choice if we go that route. EV trucks make a lot more sense environmentally than gas-guzzlers, especially on renewable power.


“We dug our own grave with Cybertruck," Musk told investors”

That would be a fireing at any other company.


They did. The base model is sold out. It is ~$40k. The next version up that is available for purchase is $71k, expensive enough to not sell well.


“We dug our own grave with Cybertruck," Musk told investors…

I strongly suspect, given his top-down dictatorial management style, that the “we” at Tesla did no such thing.

Rather, HE had a dumb idea (a truck styled like a bad 8-bit doodle) that he continued to endumben (“stainless steel!”), and no one around him has enough job security to be able to tell him no, thanks to his history of humiliating and/or summarily firing people.

From Fortune:

Last month a former Twitter executive went viral on the platform—now known as X—with a series of revelations about how the company was run under Musk. She described a “culture of fear” where employees were “walking on eggshells around Elon” and were afraid to tell him the truth


“We dug our own grave with Cybertruck,”, Musk said. NO, Elmo, YOU dug YOUR own grave, and Tesla’s while you were at it, just because you wanted the dream car that you thought of when you were twelve years old. He has far too much money, and far too little self control and common sense.


Lotus was founded in 1952, and they made the car the Tesla Roadster was based on.