Gawker settles with Hulk Hogan in Peter Thiel-backed lawsuit: After 4-year fight, “The saga is over.”


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So what are the other two articles about?


Didn’t Peter Thiel go on record recently with the declaration that [quote]… single-digit millionaires {such as Hulk Hogan} can’t afford justice in our system[/quote]


ETA: found it


So petty and vengeful.

I’ll bet Peter Thiel is a Trump supporter!


Well, he’s quite literally a vampire, so…


I saw that movie. It doesn’t end well.


No bet.


And apparently his notion of “justice” boils down to [quote]I’m a billionaire, so do what I want you to do, or I will destroy you.[/quote]




He is, quite publicly.


“The saga is over.”


That’s what makes my dry observation so hysterically funny.


I looked at this for minutes and no one puked. BOOORING


So I guess that leaves actual working stiffs fucked for life?


Are you a single-digit millionaire?


No. Litigation financing means that if you have a solid case with a chance of winning a substantial judgement, you too can have investors help you out.

The Hulk Hogan thing seems like it was more personal.

but also the ones that led to two other cases that are still in the pre-trial phase. Shiva Ayyadurai (subject of articles about his claims that he invented email) will get $750,000 while Ashley Terrill (subject of an article about her pursuit of an expose on Tinder executives) will receive $500,000


So Mr. Bollea ended up with $31 million to compensate him and make him whole again. IIRC that’s less than the pre-trial settlement offer made by Gawker.


So what happens to Delaurio, who is most certainly not a single digit millionaire?


Shouldn’t you be able to find an actual attorney who would take the case on a contingency fee?

Litigation financing” sounds to me like a way for a third party to profit from the outcome of a lawsuit that would otherwise be of no concern to them whatsoever.