Gay bathhouse TV commercial from the 1970s


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I snickerd at “You´ll come again and again and again”. I´m officially 6 years old.


I just want to go on record that I ordered a t-shirt from Channel J’s Robin Byrd in the mid 80s and I’M STILL WAITING FOR IT.


Only BB would have the balls.


Well, that ad makes no bones* about what goes on there.

[* so to speak]


Did it have a weird spider-web bikini pattern on it?


Something for everyone

Well, not everyone. I think half the population may not make it through the door.

(But I have no idea never having been, could be a rarely reported women’s spectator sport)


kinda hot, but also sad. this came out right before the AIDS crisis started. if only they knew…


Mrs Ficus and I were watching The Eighties on Netflix just last night and this exact ad was featured in the AIDS episode.


That would have been good, but no. It had a drawing of her wearing said bikini.


Via Google Street View - the building at 28 W. 15th no longer even exists, apparently merged with properties to the left, 22-28, to make way for a very large apartment building in 1989:


That message was less veiled than a post-dance Salome asking for the head of St. John the Baptist.


It is like watching films of the Jewish community in Krakow before the war. I really want to reach through the screen and warn them.


Cruising with Al Pacino is like that. It was filmed in these places with many of these men as extras, just before the community was decimated.


Yuggh. My college was across the street from the St Marks Baths, which was the East side version of the same thing.According to rumors, it was horrifyingly skanky inside, and I suspect a few of my classmates might have visited. Yes, ground zero for AIDS.


I’m reminded of a scene from Orange is the New Black.

Larry: Dad, why did you bring us to a gay bath house?

Howard: It’s a nice place. It’s clean. A schvitz is a schvitz.

[moaning from the others]

Howard: I had a Groupon.

Larry: Aaaah.


This makes my experience at Planet Fitness seem much less exciting . . .


Isn’t that where some guy was selling the Detachable Penis on a blanket next to a broken toaster oven?


Yeah. You can get good deal from that guy, but you’ve got to haggle a bit.

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