"GDC has changed," complains game developer

From http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2y30o2/gdcrant_this_years_gdc_wasdifferent/:

I saw a lot more people with dyed hair than I remember. All the colors of the rainbow, in every shade, brightness setting, and hue. Of course being in a creative field, there were always the occasional weird and crazy wacky fashion styled people, but they were always artists, at the top of their field, and they earned that right to dress and look however the hell they wanted to, and I respected them for it.

However, I doubt majority of the multi colored hair crew has gotten past making crappy html web link based decision making “adventures”.

TIL: you can tell people’s coding skill based on looking at them.

I saw Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, sitting in the VIP area at the IGF/Choice Awards also reserved for such people such as Hironobu Sakaguchi who received a lifetime achievement award for Final Fantasy, John Romero one of the creators of Doom, and several other successful developers both AAA and Indie alike. What have they done to deserve to be there? What have they done for our industry besides ultimately hurt it? What the fuck have YOU guys made? As someone who’s crunched and scraped and could never meet such people as a game dev nobody essentially sitting in the audience like a scrub, it made me sick.


I saw a lot of hugging, A LOT of hugging between indie devs. Literal physical hugboxing. That is all.

Bonus points for two non-ironic invocations of “SJWs” and one complaint about the gender-neutral bathrooms.

I give it a 4.2 in Olympic Ranting.


That explains a Tweet I saw earlier, commenting that it’s telling that this is how someone describes hugging.

I saw Mega64 in attendance at the awards, as they usually have been at past GDCs and got my hopes up as they were instantly dashed away when Hey Ash Whatcha Playin came up instead during interludes in between categories slightly jabbing and poking fun at Gamergate and all of this crap.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playing is a very funny series of videos, the creators of which went on to have major roles in writing and voice-acting for Borderlands 2, which I’m not alone in thinking was an excellent game.

And there’s this at the end:

note You guys have no idea how good it feels to hear from other devs on here. I thought I was just going insane. I’m tired of being ruled by fear.

Following which, he expresses how he wishes he’d confronted Anita Sarkeesian and tricked her into admitting she’s not a game developer (which, of course, she’s never claimed to be).


Yeah, what the hell does it mean, anyway?

Apparently, it’s a derogatory term for online communities in which people support each other, that originated as a derogatory term for online communities for people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

This seems like part of the chan culture of expressing contempt for compassion.

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Just… wow.

Stay classy, dude.

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From what I could understand, its mostly used for online communities in which its members (mostly teens and children) support each other regardless of the quality of one’s own character or works such as art and literature. It mostly, from what I understand, used to describes sites that support shipping, hentai/rule34, and other sick thoughts; though now it was used for anything they condemned to be “sissy”; especially when it comes to tumblr.

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You kids get off my lawn! back in my day when we wanted to play a game, we had to type it in from a magazine, and we liked it that way! goddamn accessible medium mumble mumble
Seriously - if you’re not bumping right up against the edges of the technical capabilities of the hardware than what’s the point? Art? don’t make me laugh. If no one has pulled multiple allnighters literally twiddling bits, then it’s not a game godamnit.
I remember telling people Myst wasn’t a real game. Then it sold, like, a gazillion copies, so now it is a game? or. . . I just don’t even recognize this industry anymore
I’m old

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