GDF11protein rejueventates aged brains and muscles in mice




What are we going to do tonight brain?
Same thing we do every night pinky... Try to take over the world!

I for one welcome our immortal mouse overlords.


Watch for disappearing (or exsanguinated) youth around the Koch compound...


Its the new "sharing economy"! Young, unemployed Americans are logging on in droves to sell their blood to rich old white plutocrats (known in the forums as "vampires")! The new service matching up "donors" with "patients" is called "AirBnBlood". When Ygret, owner of the new website was asked what the additional "B" was for, he responded, "oh, it stands for nothing. Or blood. Or blood of young boys. Whatever."


Annnd Ygret wins the thread. Thank you all for playing.


"I tried every tincture and poultice and tonic and patent medicine there is, and all I really needed was the blood of a young boy."

Montgomery Burns after receiving blood transfusion from Bart


The fact that you can buy this right now is very interesting, however the real break through will be when we can figure out what processes are responsible for regulation of this gene over the course of an organism's life. It's the difference between Vit D supplements and good ol' fashioned sunshine. Why artificially ingest what the body can make naturally?


I would guess that regulation of this gene will have to do with exercise, lack of exposure to anti-oxidants over time, etc. Basically everything that correlates to being young. So artificially ingesting it will be the only way for our vampire overlords to maintain their incredible lives. I'm also guessing that at $349 per (dose? - whatever) it is currently WAYYYYY underpriced. The .01% can and will pay orders of magnitude more for something that makes these promises.


Novus is selling an antibody against the GDF11 antigen...this won't be useful to anyone as a health supplement.


It seems that the majority of their observations come from the parabiotic experiments rather then controlled injections of GDF11, so there could be any number of things that influenced the observed effects of sharing blood systems.


So ... (har-de-har-har :P) ... in what foods (other than younglings) can this protein be found? And does it have to be intra-venously administered or can it be ingested?

Furthermore, all joking aside, it is funny how often old myths turn out to be ... not correct, not 'containing a kernel of truth' ... maybe apropos is the word I'm looking for? Vampires immediately spring to mind and many creation myths correlate to the big bang; the many flood myths ... there are many more things like this.

I guess it is merely a function of the shotgun approach which favours Nostradamus and is inherent in Shakespeare's monkeys: spout enough vaguearies and every so often an old wives tale will have correlation to reality.


As a general rule, proteins you ingest have no way of reaching your bloodstream intact. And in all likelihood, only human GDF11 will be recognized by its human receptors and function as intended, so homologs from other mammals probably won't work.


"Rejueventates"? Really?


First you need to show that expression of the gene does decline over the human lifetime. So far we only know that it declines in mice as they age (and senescence in mice is not a good guide for large bald primates).



Well, we already knew that cranial injections of the pureed brains of freshly aborted fetuses restores the mental capacities of the elderly, right?

Or was that one of those things I wasn't supposed to talk about? I forget now.


That is the price for an antibody tag. The price of the actual Recombinant Human GDF‑11/BMP‑11 protein is 10x higher: ~$335 per 0.01 mg (this outfit charges $249 for 0.1 mg of the antibody).
Not sure what a dose would be... If a dose is less than 0.01 mg, then you have ~1-3 months (depending on how it is stored) to use it up. Still a bargain for those with the means...


Shh, or they'll have to re-write Exodus 21:22-25 again.


Maybe it has something to do with eggs? Like, returning to the egg in some way? Mmm, rejuevos rancheros... breakfast of eternal youth.

Just ask the Harvard docs (or their editors): all the "young health mice" are into it! You can be a young health mouse, too: rejueventate today!


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