Gene Wilder dies, at 83


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No memes for this one. A picture is enough. Mr. Wilder, thank you for being a zany light of wonderfulness in this sometimes less-than-wonderful world.


Long live Mr Wilder



He’s dancing with Gilda in heaven, while a slightly crazed stoop-backed man rolls his googley eyes and smiles




Well, if you gotta go, might as well go out making the world feel like it’s missing something.

Adiós, amigo.



Hail and farewell Mr. Wilder.




Before the gap-tooted talkshow host, there was A VOICE


Another one? Go home, 2016, you’re drunk.


Will Gene be buried/cremated with his blue blankie?

We must accept this news with quiet dignity and grace.

(I mailed Gene Wilder a fan letter exactly six months ago. I did hear that he’d not be signing autographs but I didn’t know how ill he was.)


2016 continues its march of shittiness :sob:


Absolutely one of a kind.

Thanks for so many great cinematic experiences, Mr. Wilder.


Fuck this year

Can we just cancel it and make tomorrow the start of 2017?

Had enough of 2016 already? Welcome to 2017


On the bright side, he lived a long life, and now he can be reunited with Gilda.

RIP to them both.


‘He’s with Marty Feldman now’ is pretty good as afterlife goes, I reckon.