General elections in the Netherlands

the polling places close in about an hour, The Guardian has a live blog

it’s a rather important vote, as the right-wing anti-muslim PVV has horrible high survey results - a governing coalition with the PVV is nearly impossible (no other party is willing to give them responsibility) but, with the elections in France and Germany this year, a trend setter for the direction Europe will take


VVD good, PVV bad?

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PVV are crazy right-wing loonies, VVD run-of-the-mill market-liberal loonies.

not a friend of both, but the second party is imo more sane


Who is the main leftist party, CDA? D66? Seems like a lot to choose from!

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D66 is more left or social liberal, in US speak probably the liberal party. PvdA is social-democratic and comparable to Labour.

most left parties (in a European sense) are SP and GL, the first one a pre-New Labour social-democratic party (I think Corbyn would like the party program), the second a typical left-leaning green party.

CDA is conservatice, one of the christian parties in Europe like Merkel’s CDU.



I just found this…


nice overview, and according to them SP is more left and isolationist than I thought to remember. the more you know ; )

PVV has “only” 19 of the 150 seats (but much less than expected, the party was for a long time on the first place in the surveys), VVD won with 31 seats (10 less than in 2012).

the left parties have a very diverse outcome:
PvdA 9 (-28, they were crushed in the coalition with VVD, as it often happens in left/right coalitions)
SP 14 (-1)
D66 19 (+7)
GroenLinks 16 (+12)


Center-left parties really, really need to stop going into coalition with right/center-right parties. It’s poison to your base.


Sounds almost like the Pirate Party in the last Iceland election.

But, you know, with a good result this time.


interesting times, a coalition needs at least 4 parties to form a stable government (no idea if minority governments are possible in the Dutch system).

hmm, right-liberal, left-liberal, christian-conservative, green-left. does not sound that stable…


Fefe got a mail from a Dutch friend, and the points are only slightly exaggerated.

I'm stunned at how retarded most media is saying that populism got defeated last night in the Netherlands

Some examples:
Die Welt
The Guardian

What basically happened over the past decade and a half is that the fascist populist rhetoric of Fortuyn and subsequently Wilders let to the mainstream parties adopting more and more populist ideas. A lot of things that were simply unheard of, not done, are nowadays very salonfähig. We had Mark Rutte a few years ago shouting at a rally going “I am going to give the Netherlands back to the Dutch!”. It’s insane.

And some guys did a study showing that VVD (FDP in Deutschland) and CDA (CDU/CSU in Deutschland) now incorporate simply anti-democratic things in their electoral programs going directly against what it is that makes a “rechtstaat” a rechtsstaat.

It’s fucking insane. And now these clowns all tell me that populism got defeated. I feel like having a drink and it’s not even 09:30 in the morning yet.


copy-edit mishap? “Wilders lost, all [politics] is [still on the] right”?

is it the politics or a more general disinterest in world affairs? maybe all the stuff happening in the US is enough to saturate a typical brain

over 95 % of the votes are counted, the parliament will most likely look like this (the X-axis shows seats, not percentages)

the electoral authority will publish the official results on the 21st march (I think, I am not drunken enough to read Dutch easily)

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I tried to make a joke, maybe too clumsy? ; )

he’s an interesting case (for all meanings of “interesting”). on the one hand very pro gay, pro Israel and generally pro diversity, but on the other hand completely wrong-headed in regard to Islam and denying the right to exist to everyone not fitting in his scheme.


What the hell is it with all the crazy-haired racist Oompa-Loompas this year?


Bears watching. From 2012, Before Trump:

In late April, Geert Wilders arrived in New York City to tell his quixotic tale to a rapt American audience.

Gatestone Institute

I kept my head low. But this… Yes…


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