Three wealthy Americans are the major financial backers of Geert Wilders' Islamophobic election campaign


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€141,668 is enough to finance a possibly winning candidate in the Netherlands?

It’s amazing Europe still even exists.



And that money is probably tax-free too:
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Tossing cash around like it’s water. Murica is wonderful…


Sure. Why not… 2016 already was the year that pigs started to take off. Russia interfering with US presidential elections, the US interfering with the Dutch elections of the Staten Generaal… Even though Wilders has more political experience than the Cheeto in Chief, his arguments in parliamentary debates have always been 90% ad homini and 10% logic fallacy allsorts. His current proposed party program consists of a single sheet with a dozen-bullet point goals, like banning Islam as a religion, and other unconstitutional drivel. (Old Spicey would be jealous at such brevity.) At least half of the Netherlands dread a potential cabinet Wilders I. All other political parties (no less than 28) have stated that a government coalition with Wilders’ PVV will be highly unlikely. This may very well be the first Dutch minority cabinet in decades.


Since I didn’t see it mentioned, David Horowitz also writes for Breitbart.


Christ, what an also-writes-for-Breitbart


€141,668 is enough to finance a possibly winning candidate in the Netherlands?

It’s amazing Europe still even exists.

You must visit our glorious capital some time…


There’s a few things you need to consider here. Firstly, the Dutch political parties don’t start campaigning until just before the elections. In comparison, last year’s campaigns for the US presidential election started in 2015.

Second, Wilders does not like to say to much about his campaign finances (and there are people saying he might be actively hiding some donations). For most large parties in the Netherlands the numbers vary from 500.000 euro to about 2 million euro. But for the PVV the true number is unknown. Small donations don’t need to be public and political parties often have it’s members pay into the campaign funds as well. Most likely, the PVV is spending somewhere between that 500K and 2 million number.

Thirdly, the Netherlands is much smaller than the US. Less people to campaign to also means less money is needed.

Lastly, the US elections are really expensive… Seriously, really expensive.


Rutte’s first cabinet was a minority cabinet (with external support from the PVV). That was less than “decades” ago. As it looks now in the polls, the largest party will get about 30 seats, which is too little even for a minority cabinet. However wins the elections would have to strike a coalition with at least 2 but probably 3 other parties to form a viable cabinet. There is no way that Wilders is capable of doing this.


Guess they are trying to make a safe space for themselves after the population of the US rises up and goes after the 1%


Universal health-care, access to abortions and euthanasia, gay marriage, strict gun laws… The Netherlands doesn’t seem like much of a “safe space” for US conservatives. :wink:


But how is it legal to receive foreign donations? As far as I am aware a total no, no in the UK and I would have thought everywhere else.


Russia must really need another port.


Which is why they are trying to change it. Get someone like Drumpf/Pence/Ryan in power and they can start rolling back all of those worthless programs!


It’ll be like one of those reality makeover shows! “Civil Liberties? How 18th century!”


“The poor stay poor, the rich get rich. That’s how it goes. Everybody knows.”


Outing the big money contributors behind fascism, etc, needs to become a thing.

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear”. So, if multi-nationals and billionaires need to hide behind foundations in order to do their dirty work, than they do have something to hide and something to fear.


I think threatening their ‘privacy’ may elicit a stronger reaction than threatening their wealth. (They amount to the same thing in many of the more evil cases - which is most.)