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I enjoyed some great conversations with them as well in my time here, but I had the same experience as you @popobawa4u, and once I realized this was in fact still happening to others, without the public discourse elements of active participation, the choice was, sadly, clear.


@styx anonymized at their request.


One for the homies


@critter anonymized at user’s request.


Ah fuck. Just that.





Removing comments from Sponsored post complaining Boing Boing takes advertising.

Suspended user for 3rd off-topic expression of displeasure with Boing Boing’s revenue model in post clearly labeled as sponsored with a very clear disclosure.

Making fun of the product is clearly not the issue, the rest of the thread roasts the product.

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When taking a moderation action against a user, might you disclose who it is?


Erm, I would get a warning, would I? And a chance to edit?

(I think I really don’t see the labelling, sometimes. But quite probably, that’s just me. And your post indicates the user suspended was aware. Anyway, curious about how this would be approached, moderation-wise.)

I love that BB offers some perspective upon current events, be they good, bad, or indifferent. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to actually engage with people here. Basically, I am getting really sick of having my posts hidden when I am trying to participate in any discussions about current events. I go out of my way to be respectful of the other participants here and foster a mature level of conversation. But when people can silence me for practically any reason, it feels like the social climate here is becoming more insular, exclusive, and intellectually dishonest.

I am not claiming that my posts are the greatest thing ever, but meanwhile I am often being flagged for engaging with the actual substance of the blog post, while many others are having completely general discussions only loosely related to it. It’s probably not the intentions of the staff, but it comes off to me as being something of a “heckler’s veto”. Being able to report abusive posts is supposedly not the same as voting upon who is allowed to participate in a discussion.

For example, yesterday I got the criticism that my observations in a topic were avoided as being “unhelpful”. But if that is our metric, how “helpful” was it for others to discuss the topic? What actual benefit was derived? If discussion here is to be inclusive and mature, I think that people need to cultivate a capacity to be able to agree to disagree.


“Unhelpful” isn’t a metric moderators use here. Posts can be flagged by anyone, but for those flags to remain, posts must violate our community guidelines, including being offtopic.

We have had this conversation before. Topics need to be narrowly construed to be discussed in a finite manner. If your post is flagged as offtopic, you are absolutely welcome to use the contents of that post to start a new topic with your expanded subject.


I personally – and this is just my opinion as a person, I carry zero moderator weight here on BB – would characterize many of your replies as off topic, in the sense that you go off on tangents that have little to do with the topic being discussed, or address some very arcane / hypothetical / abstract aspect of a topic that just leaves me scratching my head as “what the hell did I just read?”

I agree with @orenwolf you should probably be starting new topics more. You want to discuss things in a very different manner than most folks here.


I don’t now if @popobawa4u is happy but they do seem to be some kinda brain mutant (and I mean that in the kindest way) and I for one enjoy the varied and frequently track switching trains of thought they contribute as opposed to the usual echo chamber of outrage.

Y’all know I do appreciate all the hard work done by the moderators, I wish I had a helpful suggestion as to how the hecklers veto problem could be solved but unfortunately I don’t.


Ahh, fuck it. Those two were amazing mutants. I’ll truly miss their presence here.


@One_Brown_Mouse has been suspended for a time to, hopefully, let cooler heads prevail.

It’s important to remember that the most insightful comments in the world do not add to the conversation if they are conveyed in a way that derails or overtakes the overall topic. Good discussions require both insightful conversation and respectful discourse, and I feel the pendulum swung a bit too far in one direction in this case.


Uh, I hope that’s not for creating Gaspode. I was the one coming up with the idea…

Not at all.

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Phew. Good. I think we sometimes need might need some cynic relief. But judging from their activities, the mouse was badgering on in the last hours in a frantic way.
Hope they’ll be back.

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