General Moderation Topic

@BdgBill has been removed from the BBS after expressing his disappointment in Boing Boing and the nature of moderation here on the BBS.


@caze has been given a brief timeout to allow for some cooldown after his responses in some of the #MeToo topics.

While we’re talking about that: as a general mod decision, framing discussions on these allegations around what was legal not only misses the point of most of these admissions, but, generally, is offtopic from the post itself. Unless the post is talking about criminal charges being considered, is about consent and respect of and for women, not legality.

Posts obfuscating these facts behind questions of legality or similar issues will very likely be eaten. You are welcome to start separate topics around the legal issues of some of these allegations if you wish, but I suspect you will find few willing participants in those conversations at this time.



And a hearty thanks in return to you. :+1:


The deletion of that last post here has borked the thread for me. It won’t list as read anymore.

ETA: Ironically, my post fixed the problem. Just a minor glitch of some sort.


Deleted last posts are a bad idea, for a variety of technical reasons.


@RobertBigelow anonymized at user request.

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Orenwolf. Please anonymize. Thanks.

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Farewell, friend. Despite your short tenure, you will always be in our hearts


@a_test and @Sven_Aitnenton anonymized at user request.


@m_dub anonymized at user request.


@William_George anonymized at user request.


We will meet again, old friend. The internet is not too vast, nor time too short. Somehow, some way - we will meet again. Until then, may your journey be interesting and your pathway safe.

@popobawa4u is no longer welcome at the BBS.

The mod team has repeatedly tried to account for this user’s viewpoint while simultaneously requesting, pleading that if they wanted to take conversations in new directions, to use the tools available to create new topics. This never occurred.

As a result, a significant amount of mod time was spent disentangling posts from this user, and the resulting derailment, from topics. This activity was almost always met with disagreement, leading to further work on our part.

I’d more or less accepted this status quo as part of our community because the discussions, while distracting, we’re at least, mostly, civil.

Over the past few days, however, this users posts have become increasingly hostile to both other posters as well as the mod team itself.

It has become increasingly clear that “progress” (whatever that would look like) towards integrated discussions involving this user was unlikely, and indeed, had recently begun to regress instead.

Ultimately, we can’t continually devote extensive mod resources to any single user.


Yikes, I hope I didn’t contribute to that.


Oh, drat. I was just trying to find out where they’d go with that “marked for deletion” thread, watching it like a massive car accident on the opposite lane with a mixture of dread and perverse fascination. I checked what you wrote here, now the thread is gone, and Popa with it.

Well, most of their interjections will not be missed by most, but one thing I definetly learned was how to (mostly) react calmly to someone who was clearly not interested in the same thing as everyone else. Massive props to everyone who kept their temper. And that sometimes, up to now, even included @popobawa4u.


Darn. But clearly explained.



Your patience with them, and that of other mods here, has been exemplary, but i pretty much stopped trying to engage with them long ago. Doing so had nearly always proven frustrating, and I took to mostly just ignoring their posts. As i saw it, whether their constant distraction and derailment was intentional or not, it still was derailment.


I’m saddened to hear this.

I rarely had conversations with @popobawa4u because I found its perspective to be reasonably comprehensible from its posts, requiring no interaction from me, perhaps because we were reasonably philosophically congruent. I suspect it felt the same way about me, although perhaps I am projecting. I hit “like” more than a few times.

Obviously others did not feel this way; @popo has been attacked and denigrated for as long as I have been aware of its existence. I imagine it is hard to retain ones’ internal harmony under such circumstances, even though in nearly all cases the discord was caused by frustrated incomprehension rather than malice.

Physics will out, I guess.


That’s not what I generally saw. What I saw was frustration with the way it usually communicated – that is, derailment – rather than inability to understand what it was saying. We’re a fairly smart bunch of coconuts around here, don’tcha know.


Anonymized @singletona082 at user request.