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Sorry to hear that. I’ll miss the avatar, too, I always liked the mousie.


Now that’s done can you maybe reopen the TLJ thread please? :slight_smile:

(And I’m firmly in WTF territory over what transpired…)


Call it a feature suggestion/request or something:

Is it possible to get a automated message if a post gets removed? I (and possibly others) often have to use spotty mobile connections when using a mobile phone. So it would be nice to know if posts got eaten by connection issues or the mods. One could get the idea to re-post if something is missing without knowing the cause …


There’s a meta topic open on this:

I’d personally love the feature. One of the reasons I dislike deleting posts is lack of feedback options that don’t require a lot of work on a mod’s part.

The problem is if there’s a flagged post that’s generated a bunch of responses, I can’t quickly notify all those users that I’ve deleted their posts - my only alternative is to leave a note, so folks know what happened if they return.


@lolipop_jones has been given a timeout for inflammatory comments in current event topics clearly designed to provoke a response (otherwise known as trolling).

We have no issues with debate. We do take issue with one-off inflammatory posts intended to derail conversations.


Shocked. Utterly shocked.


@Peter_Brulls anonymized at user request.


My apologies if this is not the right place to ask, but the term is used here a lot. What does it mean to anonymize a user?


The username of a user is changed to “Anon” plus a number, and their email/password changed, effectively making it an “orphaned” account.


Okay, thank you.


It’s a way of removing a person’s account and data without removing all their posts, and thus leaving holes in potentially years of old conversations.


@orenwolf cleanup at the MSD High School topic. Thank you, sorry for the work.

@FlippyHambone anonymized at user request.


Quick reminder: Responses to flagged posts will usually be deleted, as leaving them up usually results in the flagged behaviour continuing.

If you see an inappropriate post, flag it. Don’t respond only to have your effort wasted when your response is removed. We have lots of respectful, thought-provoking comments on the BBS you can reply to instead.

I would really prefer not to delete large swaths of conversations, so please help me to do that by not engaging disruptive posters. Flag instead!



I know what you mean, but the conversation in this threads is derailing so slowly and carefully, ans/or there are so many rather quick and commiserate considerate replies that its difficult to tell if flagging would be appropriate and/or destroying the continuity of the thread.

BTW, this feels… all wrong. I think I’m going to check posting history of some accounts tomorrow.


It’s worth noting that comments that end up memory-holed due to flagging can still be retrieved using the “Download All” button in anyone’s member activity profile (click on your name at the top right menu).


Further to:

Boing Boing is a heavily moderated forum. Speech is not unrestricted here, nor do the Authors wish it to be.

Jokes or attempting to defend jokes that call for genocide, violence, or bigotry are not welcome here. Period, There are enough bigots in the world hiding behind the phrase “Just joking,” and none of us find it funny.

It’s not about the slippery slope. It’s not about the fact that no one has died from a Nazi joke. It’s that we have chosen that such humour has no place within this community. Full stop.

If you feel this policy is contrary to Boing Boing’s mandate for equality or freedom from censorship, I contend you have not been paying close enough attention to our values. If you believe this policy is too restrictive, I invite you to visit the many, many places on the internet where such discussion may be possible instead, as the likelihood of this policy changing here is Zero.

Thank you.


@Foggen has been asked not to return after a great deal of repeated arguing specifically against the policy I posted above. We wish them the best in his search for a free forum for discussion of their specific topics.


@rosyatrandom has been given a brief timeout. Their posts had moved quite far into trolling/derailing territory with false equivalencies and absolutist responses that did not add to the conversation. My hope is that some time away to reflect will allow them to return to the community with a focus on adding productively to the discussion, rather than attempting to derail it.


@deathisastar anonymized at user request.

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