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I am shocked! /s


TomSwift gets banned for bigotry. How historically apropos!

Didja ever read the original Tom Swift books? Not the Tom Swift Jr. ones, which only featured problematic roles for women, but the originals, which also had explicit racism and racial caricatures?

That stuff is illuminating but it’s hard to decide whether to laugh or vomit, if you know what I mean…


Ken and I may have stomped on each other trying to clean up trolling in the Roseanne Barr thread. The troll got a suspension.


Lets hear it for the mod team!


He got… Jammed?


@godspacejuno anonymized at user’s request


@Korvexius has been asked not to return after multiple attempts to have them treat the community with respect. That includes the transgender members of our community. Their repeated denial of the existence of bigotry against this group (even after being cautioned against it) and ignorance of repeated mod warnings makes the trajectory of that user clear.

Watch this hilarious dismantling of Jordan Peterson's philosophical woo

Call me petty, but this one is truly obligatory:


@Bytheway has been given a timeout after multiple comments about posters, not their positions.

Should they choose to return, I remind them, and everyone, to debate positions, not people. Regardless of someone’s opinion here, anyone abiding by our community guidelines deserves equal respect.



Is today the anniversary of switching over to Discourse or something? I’m feeling a bit left out with all the cake flying around.



But there’s plenty of cake to go around…


Ah, there’s the party.


You will get one on your anniversary date… also your birthday/fake birthday if you fill that out on your bio page.

And I just double checked…

5 years ago today.


Quoting codinghorror, from the first thread here on Discourse:

… you will maybe perhaps eventually come here to hang out on the BBS and socialize with other Happy Mutants … it’s like a 24/7 dinner party, with the occasional clickthrough to BB proper.



@Loudoun_Hillbilly has been given a timeout.

I’m pretty lenient with pedantry as a bit of a geek tradition. But consistently avoiding the bigger picture to nitpick the metadata of a conversation is an effective way to diminish the overall meaning, or impact, of events or discussions, and won’t be tolerated here (falling under the ”contentless comments” classification).


Well, that was true until the user decided to create accounts to get around the ban. They are no longer welcome here.



@unshaved_weirdo has been given a brief timeout to consider how to continue their tenure here, in light of the fact that people in the past took things from other people, and that’s a thing to acknowledge, and maybe try to correct now.

We wish them the best in trying to determine how to integrate this newfound knowledge into their lives, and to be able to discuss such issues without resorting to whataboutism in the future.

Trump-Putin in Helsinki: Transcript and Video
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Seems to be a pattern today. @DixonHill has also received a timeout for the Exact same issue as @unshaved_weirdo.

Further attempts to derail topics with ludicrous strawmen will receive progressively worse bans. Don’t go there.


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