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I dunno, I was looking forward to the arrival of the lock-step lobster brigade a little. They are kind of amusing in moderate doses.


I’d never even heard of Jordan Peterson before. After reading his Wikipedia page I’m glad.


Neither had I, until this past summer. And after having encountered just a small segment of his toxic fandom, I now wish that I still hadn’t.


I don’t understand why a dozen or so post were deleted from the “incel video” thread. Is this the place to ask?


Discussed previously:


User @anon9527354 has been suspended for a time for repeatedly derailing topics with commentary on moderator decisions or expressing his disappointment in Boing Boing.

As we’ve said many, many times before, anyone is welcome to open their own meta topic to discuss these things, but it is not appropriate to derail conversations in other topics with these discussions, and this user chose to ignore warnings to that effect.


User @jtveg has been asked not to return. Two substantive posts followed by eight(!) posts explaining how the community is not up to this user’s standards makes it clear that this user was on the wrong forum to begin with.

We with them the best in seeking out a community where their opinions and commentary will be accepted without rebuttal, dissent, or contrary viewpoints for them to lament.


User @Random_Tangent has been asked not to return. This user was suspended previously for being unduly aggressive and nasty to users in the past.

It appears that they did not get the message.

The remainder of their post history is a bunch of one-liners that, frankly, don’t add much to the conversation.


@girard has been given a timeout for levelling insults at members. We welcome criticism of the articles and concepts discussed on Boing Boing. But, we require respect and civility towards others.

Debate what is written all you want. Insult others at your peril.


@Rusty_Hatfield anonymized at user request.


@stillwaves anonymized at user request.


@Boundegar has been given a brief timeout so that they may contemplate if they wish to return and discuss the topics at hand, or just how much they dislike the flavours of the free ice cream.

We :heart: the Free Ice Cream

@Medievalist has been given a timeout for repeatedly derailing topics with meta-conversations about BBS posters, or otherwise responding to discussions by taking issue with the poster, rather than the post.

As I’ve said many times, the BBS is heavily moderated, and that’s not going to change. We welcome debate of topics and ideas within the confines of our community guidelines, but that welcome ends where the comment does. We don’t permit comments that target users themselves, rather than the comments they make.

For anyone wondering: that means if you don’t want to deal with a forum with a diverse user base, with many, divergent opinions, across the spectrum of race, gender, and background, this isn’t the place for you. I’m delighted to say, however, that this is the place for any mutant who is willing to tolerate others, even when their opinions or worldview might differ from your own.




@YetiLives has been asked not to return, after insulting staff privately for community moderation decisions.

Considering the relative triviality of the comments in question, this is one of the stranger reactions I’ve personally seen to the moderation system, but hey. To each their own.


User @davide405 banned at user request, after first celebrating bomb threats.


User @Seppo po has been asked not to return after their rules lawyering escalated to childish insults levied at the staff.


…and user @Seyo as well.

Protip: don’t respond to moderation notifications (which occur because the community took issue with your post in most cases, not the mod team) by lobbing profanities at the mods or Authors. I’m not sure why folks figure we’d want to keep them around if they’re being unruly houseguests, but, there you are.


What is that, like the 3rd or 4th time in the last few weeks that someone has responded to being modded by flipping the fuck out on the mods/staff?

Some folks seriously need to learn how to suck it up; most of us have been modded or had our content removed at some point, and yet most of us don’t throw the equivalent of a temper tantrum when it happens.



Well, not online, at least (rubs the patching job on the drywall).