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Now I can’t help but picture people doing this:


Part of the reason for this is I decided to have the notifications come from me instead of the @system user, which is a blackhole.

Quite possible that people were flipping off the bot before, I don’t know. :wink:


Well that’s constructive…


I’m glad that I keep them to my bathtub and the line at the grocery store.


I’ve had my own ‘gonna lose it’ moments, but rarely ever in public; and never over something as trivial as having my words moderated on a website where I agreed that the staff could do so.


People losing their cool after being moderated is sadly nothing new, I’ve seen it many times in many places. Perhaps more visible here because of this topic, generally this sort of thing is hidden from other users.


I blame the season.


I’ve wondered if the extra stress on top of all the usual strife isn’t fraying some people’s nerves to the quick…



Mainly because you certainly post personal opinion items and such not just mod/system posts. So when you respond to someone with your take/commentary on the thread and then respond with your mod hat on…it can be hard to separate the two.

I’ve experienced this personally where the hat being worn doesn’t always feel impartial. That being said…I also don’t send profanity and insult laced messages to anyone either.


I have never moderated a comment based on my personal opinion. These users took issues with comments that were hidden by community flags. They targeted the mod team because the notification comes from the moderators.


That was my point. While you may feel you have complete objectivity…you are person, not a machine. It’s not an impossible leap for them to attack you and the other mods.


I think that it’s a wonderful thing that Ken and Rob and others on the board actually participate in discussions with us! It makes topics that much better. And personally, I’ve never had a problem distinguishing casual comments from Word of Mod actions.

For me, it boils down to whether or not posters are willing to participate in good faith and behave respectfully. I’ve been bummed at having comments deleted, but that’s part of the game here. And if I have a question about it, I can always PM and ask politely. When somebody comes on and makes rude and insulting comments about flagging or deletions, well, “the rude will be eaten first.” There’s no excuse for it.


But it certainly is a dumb-ass one, which will not lead to any good outcome.

Like I said, most of us get modded sooner or later; and yet we still don’t pitch a fit about it like spoiled-ass little children.

We suck it up and move on.


Yeah this. Every time I have had something eaten it was both fair and me typing before engaging my brain fully so better off not leaving that idiocy out there for the world to see.


still, note the context here-- this is in regards to comments hidden by community flags. targeting the mod team for the actions of the community, with or without the profanity, makes no sense.


14 posts were split to a new topic: Topics set to auto-close via flagging keep getting opened and closed over and over?


The prior suspension did not appear to change the behaviour of this user, and literally all of their recent posts have derailed the conversations they were posted in. Having contrary viewpoints is fine, and we will do our best to protect posters who may not agree with the majority here, and their right to reasoned opinion. But when every post in every topic from a user falls into this category, it becomes clear that one is being contrarian for the purpose of trolling the userbase. And no one has time for that.

As such, the user has been asked not to return.


that last exchange left me shaking my head.


hawkd_sf has been given a timeout for levelling profanities at other users. Zero interest in that sort of behaviour here.


I’m not going to say what they were, but I think I discovered some automatically filtered keywords.

Not complaining, I can see why they’d be filtered for automoderation. Just tickled about it.