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Certain posts are held for mod approval depending on content. We don’t “filter” in the sense that “you are not allowed to use these words”. However, the terms in question are most often used in derogatory or inappropriate posts that go against our guidelines by new users, so we hold those posts for moderation until a mod can confirm that the use case is appropriate.

The list is not long, and is subject to change at any time based on the types of disruptive comments we deal with. Mods approve valid uses as quickly as possible.

No one needs to see that. :wink:


That’s what I meant by “filter” but I appreciate the explanation and clarification anyway. Like I said, I totally understand. I just felt compelled to have a giggle at the trolls who’ve been ensnared by this.



Spamtasticus has been asked not to return after, again, crying foul when the community decides one of their posts is inappropriate and incorrectly assumes moderators are taking unilateral action.

Not that we don’t do that of course, but the in the vast majority of cases, we are alerted to issues by flags, not by trying to keep up with reading every post.

Which, again, I’ll remind everyone - complaining that “post X was moderated but post-Y was not”, when you didn’t bother to flag post-Y is not going to be a persuasive argument. If you have an issue with a post, flag it.


I cleared posts complaining about being rickrolled from a thread where they were quite obviously intentionally rickrolled. It is a good thread discussing the intent of the post beyond the obvious rickrolling of folks. Constant whinging about being rickrolled is the internet.


What, no “link” to the post?


Disappointment is Boing Boing’s bread and butter.


FYI…the autoplay was particularly devious on your part.

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@fuzz_cube has been asked not to return, after derailing a topic then getting into offtopic judgements on responses, after being expressly told not to engage in that behaviour by the mod team in the past.

I will additionally point out that namecalling is against the community guidelines on either side, as several users attempted to do in this case. Flag posts. Engaging users who are violating our guidelines makes significantly more work for the mod team, horribly derails topics, losing substantive responses as collateral damage, and makes no one want to read the topic in question.

Thank you.


I will publicly acknowledge I was completely wrong there to engage with content-free posts, even if it was funny.

You make all the sense.


Every time you reply, a GRUE gets his ₽₽₽₽.

Is it appropriate to also flag troll responses?


Absolutely appropriate. Such posts often derail the topic as much as the original post did, which is precisely the reason we ask folks to flag and not engage.


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