General Moderation Topic

The BBS does not condone and will not host posts that encourage violence towards anyone. If you see such posts, please flag them so we can remove them.


I don’t know which comment you are referring to, and probably don’t want to, but was the comment fairly obviously tounge-in-cheek (e.g. “I hope Elon Musk’s rocket topples over on top of him”) or more more specific (e.g. “I hope Elon Musk gets stabbed”).

I’m sure there’s a better way to phrase that. But the former I see as being fair game, whereas the latter ain’t cool.

But if in doubt, flag.


Simply: neither are cool. Boing Boing will not host posts encouraging violence on others. There are a myriad of other places you can post if you want to joke about injury and tragedy. This is not one of them.


I think this is key. Flag 'em, and let the mods sort it out.


Fair enough. Thanks for your hard work!


Some one said some one else (subject of a BB topic about something bad they did) can “go fuck themselves with a rusty whatever” and some one else believes “go fuck yourself” is a rape threat or something and should be censured to protect people from imagery of sexual violence. Not like the fucking headlines on a story aren’t about rape, murder, and death twice a day or anything. Happens once in a while and I don’t know whether it’s against the rules either but at this point I don’t even care how I feel about it anymore, tbh.


User Nosila has been banned for blatent bigotry and transphobia.




Can anyone help me understand why some comments keep getting gobbled? The most recent was on the Black Lives Matter, still thread. I responded to @PsiPhiGrrrl about experiences with housing discrimination and we had some back and forth and now it’s gone.
I’m not complaining, I want to understand better to help avoid it* in the future. I don’t think our back and forth contradicted any of the community guidelines, but maybe removed bc they were veering off topic? Thanks for any insights.

*and stop making extra work for the mods, if that’s what I’m inadvertently doing.

ETA clarification about mods.


If you didn’t get a notice about the post getting flagged, then it was collateral damage as part of a sub thread that was eradicated at the root.


That’s what I thought at first, but no notification, and it was a reply to the poster I already mentioned, and our initial convo is still there. I’m not keeping track, but I think similar has happened at least one other time recently, so I was wondering if there’s a new mod focus on keeping things on topic.
But good reminder about being collateral damage. I’ve had a couple of those lately, too, and might be conflating them so maybe it seems like the “mystery” gobbles are more prevalent than they really are.
And/or maybe our back and forth caused some unsavory dialogue that I didn’t see, and the mods nipped it off close to the source, or something. :woman_shrugging:t2:


That happened to me too. I wasn’t even replying to anyone, and I got one like, so I know that the comment posted successfully, but then it disappeared with no notice. I’m not complaining, but it was a bit odd.

ETA: I’m assuming it’s because the OP has more discretion over posts on his/her/their thread, which, fair enough.


Ha! Yes, I was thinking of that, too. Mainly I guess I’m wondering if there are any new things to keep in mind when posting. Like, I remembered one of the other recent “gobbles” where I’d responded to, I want to say @Mindysan33 about use of a mixed metaphor, and ended up having a clarifying back and forth with other posters, then it was all gone.
I love the occasional side bar when the topic allows it, but if that’s something that’s causing you and the other mods to do more clean up, I’ll try to rein it in.
(Or reign it in, train it in, or rain it in, depending on your metaphor of choice.) :wink:


Is there a way to retract flags? I saw a brand-new account posting a URL that had the word shop in it, so I flagged it as spam without thinking. But when I actually went to the URL, I realized that it was relevant to the thread. I should have checked the actual link before flagging and I feel pretty bad about it…


No, but you’re always welcome to message me or @moderators directly. Please don’t post moderator notes in topics, though.

Of course, your flag will also be reviewed without you taking any further action as well.


Thank you! I apologize for all of the trouble. I will do that next time. And, of course, I will also be more careful.


Suggestion: when you flag, it turns into a PM to the moderator(s). Just respond to the PM with the text that you realized the flag was in error.


Are all flags reviewed?

(I seem to recall reading that it takes a couple—or a few?—flags before it triggers the post being reviewed by a mod, and if no one else flags the post, the flag would eventually expire and be automatically dismissed. Or is that old info and no longer true? If it ever was true—maybe I dreamt it…)


That’s correct, but in this case the flag hid the post. When a post is hidden, those flags always go up for review.