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User jose has been ejected from the BBS for arguing that those who assault Women and are not convicted are instead victims of character assassination instead.


That’s pretty much exactly what “everything else” is, as a flag type…


While we understand that some of the choices Boing Boing must make to keep the lights on are not for everyone, and while we do offer dedicated topics to provide constructive criticism or ask questions about moderation or content (including this very spot here!), it should be clear that we are not going to provide a space to denigrate the site or its’ Authors.

If you aren’t a fan, you are welcome to go elsewhere.

Don’t be rude here and expect to remain a welcome mutant.



User diebriandie has been banned for… I’m not sure what to call it exactly… deciding to flame out using memes? Regression to the mindset of a four-year-old? Troll the entire BBS with memes for days?

How about we go with “Made it clear that positive contributions were no longer in the cards for this user.”


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Diebriandie huh?



When a moderator has determined that a discussion thread has gone off the rails and deems it necessary to delete multiple posts from several contributors, might it also be appropriate for the moderator to leave a brief note acknowledging this action and explaining what led to it, or what specific behavior needs to be avoided in the future?


I do that very often as a best-effort attempt where it’s appropriate to do so. I don’t do it for cases of blatant trolling or bigotry because the reason should be self-evident in those cases. Hopefully the upcoming change to Discourse where it will let folks who have posts deleted because they were responses to a moderated post will help in this regard. as well.


davidcjonesvt has been given a timeout for throwing verbal abuse insults around. Debate the position, don’t attack the person.


The above suspension has been reversed, as it was clear upon review that I took the post out of context and misattributed the statements being made. Apologies to davidjonesvt for the error. All the posts involved (and replies) have been restored.

This was, as it turns out, a real-life version of:


Now you seriously got me interested. As an non-native speaker as well as someone who feels prone to misunderstanding fellow mutants.

ETA: thanks, @gatto, for the punctual punctuation.


Can I get some clarification on this please.

In a thread about a punk band charging different prices for vaccinated and un-vaccinated people I replied to a comment about vaccine passports coming soon to the rescue with:

This will just raise the fake passport business profits by orders of magnitude.

Fake passport online?

The link is to an article in a website of Fraud Examiners about how easy it is to get fake passports in the drakweb.

Two users complained that it was off topic. Which seems a bit odd to me. They then flagged it into hiding and then an admin deleted my post as “SPAM”. I fail to understand how this could be interpreted as off topic much less a spam ad. Any clarification on what I’m missing is appreciated:



This is an automated message from Boing Boing BBS to let you know that your post was removed.

Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

Click to expand removed post

This will just raise the fake passport business profits by orders of magnitude.

Please review our community guidelines for details.

A 2015 article about fake passports has little to do with the COVID pandemic, let alone the topic of a punk band charging different rates for vaccinated people.

You are welcome to start your own topic about vaccine passports affecting the sale of fake nationality passports (or, I’m guessing, the idea of fake vaccine passports?) if you wish, but that has nothing to do with the original topic of the Boing Boing post.


Gotcha. To clarify, I was replying to this post in that thread so it was in the context of vaccine passports not travel passports. I assumed other users could make the leap but I’ll look for an article about vaccine passports being forged instead:

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Again, maybe start your own thread rather than derailing an existing one.





user @Lanthade has been granted a two week timeout for being rude while offering a correction that would have been appreciated had the user been correct.

I would like to point out that one of the main reasons I check the BBS is to get corrections when I make a mistake – and boy do I – but more and more it seems folks feel offering a correction should be done like an asshole.

Please do not fail to be cool.

So, again, the help is really appreciated but if we have to take it with a slap in the face we’ll ask you to leave.


What about when two or three of you post on the same day about the same news item?

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(Just kidding. Please don’t slap me! :grin:)


User Ghost_In_A_Jar has been given a timeout for repeatedly, over many topics, posting their displeasure that Boing Boing covers some subjects they are not interested in.

Boing Boing is the sum total of many diverse voices, posting about the things that interest them. Sometimes those voices disagree. Sometimes they cover topics others aren’t interested in. Sometimes those voices repeat each other. We regret the latter, but the former traits are part of what, in my opinion, makes this place so wonderful in the first place.

This necessarily means that not every story may be of interest to every Mutant. Them’s the breaks. But putting in the effort to make sure everyone is aware of your displeasure, every time a topic comes up you don’t want covering contributes nothing to the BBS as a whole. You are welcome to redirect your eyeballs to other wonderful areas of Boing Boing that do interest you instead. I promise it will be more productive and fulfilling than complaining about the parts that do not interest you!



Thanks for the advice. I will take it along with ficuswhisperer’s cute vid under serious consideration.