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This is funny when it happens, funny when people respond with light humor, and it gives the place character. Anyone who is seriously bothered by this needs to evaluate their priorities.


An animated meme / gif of you saying this would be priceless. :smile:

It would get used a lot.


The closest thing a quick query turns up:


People who do this should be required to create a new topic about something that is guaranteed to be interesting to everyone, no exceptions. If they are unable to create a topic that is interesting to everyone, then they should keep their mouths shut.


What’s the best way to point out an error on the main site?
This is at the top of the front page and it’s a bummer because it looks interesting.

I’m not sure I understand the question?

but you can email for any issues (as mentioned on the contact page.)


Looks ok to me. Maybe a browser issue?

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Link was broken earlier and gave a 404 fault. It works now.


Do users understand that complaints about formatting errors or issues with our plugins, embedded videos, ads covering text, etc are understood to be useless if you do not send them with Platform/OS/Browser version information?

Clearly the post didn’t look broken to us when we posted it, DUH. I can’t repeat it, it looks fine in my browser/OS.

It seems like some kind of running joke where people assume we don’t give a shit about how the site looks and don’t try to fix it when broken, but also around 1 in 1000 users who provide useful information.

ALSO: Netscape doesn’t work well for you in a developing country thru weird caches and other crap? We apologize.


User Brubeck has been summarily ejected for trying to push the blanket statement that Women, inherently, will be more prone to emotional outbursts and hysterics than Men.



Men are rational creatures


This seems to be a running theme, and Ghost and Glerg have been removed for essentially the same reason, with the added benefit of complaining that the community took issue with their off-topic ranting, held up by moderators, then felt the need to post about how disappointed they were in the communities’ choices.

I refer you back to my earlier message regarding the likelihood that Boing Boing will, from time to time, publish stories some people consider unworthy of their time. I strongly recommend said people not waste their time reading them, then, rather than deciding the community deserves to have their time wasted by flagging their posts, instead.


There’s a MUTE button available for all topics we may find uninteresting, for Pete’s sake!


13 posts were merged into an existing topic: Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

A post was merged into an existing topic: Griping about moderation, bias, et cetera

User Crowley has been banned for targeting another user for personal attacks.

I have repeatedly asked mutants to debate the position rather than the person behind them, but when that behaviour moves to targeting users across topics that they aren’t even posting in, the behaviour goes from “inappropriate” to “obsessive,” and we do not need anyone who believes they have that sort of right over another person’s enjoyment of the BBS (or indeed, anywhere else online) here.


User KXKVI anonymized at user request.


User fishymcdonk has been ejected from the BBS after making it clear that to them, cancel culture has run rampant and those requesting consequences for terrible behaviour are the real enemies.

I offer them this object lesson in consequence culture free of charge.


Sometimes your life is just a warning to others.


User fingertrouble has been given a timeout for directly attacking other users.

ETA: This was upgraded to a full anonymization at user request.