General Wesley Clark is a burner


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i went in '92 and '94… so I’m thinking it means that Gen Clark is late to the cause. regardless, welcome


One one hand I am so sick of the two party system, and so turned off by what Obama hath wrought (or perpetuated), it would be hard for me to really feel good about voting for anyone with a D or R after his or her name.

On the other hand, I think we could do a lot worse than Clark for President. Especially now that that it appears he gets down on the playa, and has a 30-year-old Mongolian MIT graduate girlfriend.

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Burning Man and his new girlfriend means it’s his midlife crisis. A bit delayed, but by all means, knock yourself out, Clark.

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Here I thought a burner meant disposable electronics, or by extension, disposable Generals.


On the other hand he did try to start WW3, so there’s that.

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Bohemian Grove started out the same way.

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Oh, come on. Everybody who has held a position of power has tried to start WW3 at least once or twice in their careers. It makes you feel big when the tensions finally cool down. Just think of it this way: we are in the parallel universe where all attempts to start WW3 have failed thus far.

Just an example of the unified Peter/Murphy principle:

  • In any organization, each individual tends to be promoted to the position from which they are personally most likely to start World War 3.

The initial problem with using the anthropic principle to explain the heretofore unseen WW3 is that the density of timelines in which the event is even possible should be much thinner than those in which technology had never developed to the point that it could possibly occur. The most obvious way to get around that is to assume that timelines in which humans populate the galaxy will result in enough extra anthropic perspectives to make up for all those lost in WW3 timelines, and a nuclear age is a necessary condition for interstellar travel.

What is a Democratic Party operative? It sounds to me like someone who does special/secret operations in service of the party.

Totally burners! From The Wire!


General Wesley Clark did indeed attend Burning Man 2013. . . but what does it mean?"

You already knew that it was being taken over by rich dilettantes, right?

Why is this interesting? Burning Man is a big giant corporate affair full of the rich and privileged at this point. It’s a huge social gathering. This is boring.

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