Genetic analysis reveals that bizarre extraterrestrial skeleton isn't extraterrestrial


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Yeah but where did those mutations come from? I’m not saying it was aliens but…


It’s surprising to me that the notion of this humanoid mummy being an alien was even considered. What’s with people these days? Don’t they understand life on Earth?




The russians, according to the tabloids, say that this one is a real alien mummy:

(sorry for the brazilian link, I don’t want to put a link to a very famous tabloid here)

Some people points out another reason for these mummies being called aliens…


No. No they do not.




Oh dear, not that guy again.


I guess nobody will talk about the aliens living in a locker at Grand Central Station


Nothing is created, everything is derivative.


But won’t they suffocate in the fridge?!?!


they named a seat in that, after him? well there’s a bit of irony


He subsidized a faculty position, in that. Is how it usually works.


Hard to find such pure irony these days.

Perhaps the Bannon professor of Media Literacy, or the Cheney fellowship of international human rights? How about the director of the Michael Vick canine rehabilitation center?


came here looking for aliens meme… leaving satisfied.



From the neck up it looked like an over-ripe, oddly bruised version of this tiny banana:



Just look at it.


Understand? It’s more likely that sites that post these types of things understand the relationship between hits and ad revenue.


If it was an alien, we could call it “It”.