Genndy Taratkovsky sits down with Wired to answer a few questions about being the GOAT of American animation

Originally published at: Genndy Taratkovsky sits down with Wired to answer a few questions about being the GOAT of American animation | Boing Boing


Please don’t use acronyms like “GOAT”. Someone near us keeps goats. Nice animals, but they stink. When you say “goat” I (and many others) think “stink”.


promote his new series, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal,

not yet fully sync’ing with the plot, but the detailed characters (in both senses of ‘detailed’) are really something special! there’s more acting in some of those animated characters than three outta four live actors.

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Sorry about your personal issue with the animal, Fred; but that ship has already long since sailed.

‘The Greatest of All Time’ was a phrase originally made popular by Muhammad Ali, and our society loves shortening things.

That you personally don’t care for it won’t change that.


I know the ship has sailed and maybe I’m an old fart, but I have a similar reaction. Kinda like this: IT Crowd - I Don't Like Goats - YouTube

(Baby goats are super adorable, but I’m a bit creeped out by adult goats)


I didn’t call you or Fred an old fart.

I’m saying get over it, because it’s rather trivial and it’s a basically non-problem, especially with the state of the world right now.

(I agree that baby goats are cute and the adult ones can be creepy.)


Hard to read inflection online but that wasn’t meant as a jab at you. That was me trying to be self deprecating. I turned 45 this year and although I feel like I’m more open minded than a lot of people I do find myself like Abe Simpson yelling at clouds more often. Ha

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I’ll get right on that, your Highness.


I think another thing about that phrase that bugs me is how fast it seemed to have gone from a few people saying it to commercials overusing it to sound hip like the kids.

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That’s captialism for you… always co-opting and commodifying Black culture… :woman_shrugging:


Yo, I’m older than you by a few years, Jim; I ain’t claiming old age until it claims me, permanently.

Until, I’m riding it out until the wheels fall off.


The only stuff that makes me feel my age is like when people younger than my daughter don’t know how to read an analog clock.

But I digress; none of this is on topic.



Damn straight. And that style.

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I’ve enjoyed Tartakovsky’s work since I was a high schooler watching Dexter’s lab incessantly.

That said…

Given the sizable financial and artistic impact that animators like Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones had on the medium, you’re probably asking yourself how Tartakovsky earned pole position in a discussion about the titans in the world of American cartoons.

There’s a serious problem when your entire pantheon for a medium is white dudes (especially one of whom was a fascist who didn’t do much animating himself anyway…).


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