Donald Trump's animated head pasted on various Game of Thrones assholes

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I can’t help but think that the Donald wouldn’t last two minutes in Westeros - he’s just not sharp enough to survive.


Brilliant! This is so well done!


Just pop Trump’s head on that, and you got what you came for.


I love this! And I’ve never even seen GOT. (Too much of a wuss.)

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So help me when I watched the episode this was taken from all I could think was they chose to have the icewalker pull a “Come at me, bra” pose.

Completely ruined the moment.

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Very cool. Now we’re getting somewhere.

At the same time, GOT is so violent and upsetting, we may be leaving money on the table satirically speaking. The true ridiculous comical buffoonery is part of the story.

Like @Kimmo posted the Colbert debate in which Trump debates himself and discovers he is his biggest enemy. He argues both sides of the debate using real quotes that are 180 degree opposite claims.

Jon Stewart needs to be bat signaled out of retirement to do this job if Colbert, Oliver, Wilmore and Bee don’t get moving.

Don’t forget to bring the funny! :laughing:


I had this thought driving home the other day; This election just seems much more bleak without him…


He is so funny. Remember how depressing O’Reilley and Limbaugh were before Jon pointed out how completely foolish thay are? Remember Glenn Beck?

Since Nixon, every GOP new kid has seemed like the next Hitler. It took Jon Stewart to turn that trend around. Scary? Yeah, at first.

When thinking about Trump being so great the only guy who can debate him is … Trump, his complete human foolishness is visible.

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When there’s a problem. I will crush it. With my ASS.


Too many Trumps.


Trump is a little too classy to be in some two bit GoT. I see him as more of the classic Baron type.


Those feet!!

That (not real) hair!

I’ve been thinking someone ought to do the same with the Talking Donald Head, but put his head on Biff from Back to the Future… Electing him would be like having Biff as POTUS. I don’t have the talent or time, but maybe Huw could do it??

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Donald Trump Is Biff Tannen From ‘Back To The Future’ — It’s 2015, and a real-life Biff is running for president

Isn’t he raising the dead? Kind of gives it more gravitas…

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