Stephen Colbert has an announcement

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“…and this little guy is my son. What’s your name?”

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One thing that’s constant with Trump - he always sounds like a 16 year old boy.
He’s the poster child for arrested development.

Can it be? This seems very much like the Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. I mean, I know that a Stephen Colbert is still around and is about to take over The Late Show from David Letterman, but I was under the impression that that was a different guy entirely.

I love the hair.


I’m sorry, but that was disappointingly bad. And long, way too long for a joke about Trump.

All I really want is credit for knowing that Stephen Colbert was quoting lyrics by Kate Bush (which had nothing whatever to do with Donald Trump, which, being used, totally made sense). The song lyrics are right before he is frothing at the mouth.

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Yeah, great hair! Makes me wonder if Colbert is a Radiolab listener – the episode on chirality had a segment on hair parts based on the experiences of the Hair Part Theory/True Mirror guy. (According to the theory, Colbert did Trump no favors with that right part.)


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