Stephen Colbert "interviews" Trump


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Normally these kind of editted “interviews” are the only way to make public figures appear to have ridiculous responses to questions. In Trump’s case - and I’m not being hyperbolic here - he’s actually more coherent and sane and less ridiculous in this fake interview than he’s been in the recent real ones. I laughed watching this, but that’s actually pretty fucking scary.



If you missed it, this is a good watch too.


So, when Colbert does legitimately fake news, and Trump sees this…

What name does he call it?


Well, he’s already used this one…



Depending on where you look, ‘bigly’ is a word. The extremely limited and simplistic vocabulary (including ‘bigly’) is all on him though.


Totally, I’ve even seen a current supreme court justice use it.

God dammit.


No doubt someone realised that his name had to go at the bottom, otherwise it would say “Donald J. Trump crippled America”.


All good, but the last few minutes (start at 9:00) are jaw-dropping:

(And Trump supporters are calling for Colbert to be fired for being insensitive.)


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