Gentleman accidentally receives $360,000 in Covid funds and gambles it all away

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$360,000 in Covid payout? That’s not to be sniffed at.

In other news, the house always wins.


Gambling is a disease. Good luck getting that cash back…


Dang, I always thought I was allowed to keep that $200. What’s the statute of limitations for how long they can come after me for it?


“I’ll double it at the casino, return the amount I got in error to the town, and everyone wins!”

If you think the above statement is stupid you’ve had the good fortune never to have met a compulsive gambler.


Since the money was given to him in error, he can’t be held liable for the loss. If it’s gone, it’s gone.

Taking the money to a casino is one of the oldest tricks in the book for keeping money out of reach of creditors. The moment he gives the money to the casino, it’s gone, there is no trail, because in many places you don’t have to show an ID when you cash in tokens. Otherwise he’d need one or more accomplices who could claim that money as tax-free winnings. I’m pretty sure that also works somehow with online gambling sites.

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Just put it on a 50/50 spin on the roulette wheel. (Nearly) 50% chance you make a life-changing account of money, 50% chance you go to jail.

He was arrested, so I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect, in both Japan and the States. You’re responsible for returning a bank error.

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I thought it was going to be this odds related video:


also works! god, I love that stupid movie.


Can I interest you in a bridge?

Update: the town today announced that they were able to retrieve about 90% of the money.

I never believed that the guy (who now stands charged with computer fraud) actually gambled away all of it.

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