Woman accidentally tipped cafe $7,732 and she can't get her money back


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Hmmmmm…Changing pin to 0000.


Shady man. 7k is a windfall apparently worth filing bankruptcy over?


Her credit limit was over $8,000 on the card?

She could declare personal bankruptcy and pay the credit card company 10 cents on the dollar as an option.


“I just can’t understand how the cafe owner can just keep the money, and I can not do anything about it,”

He’s an opportunistic crook who exploited a flawed system. No big mystery. It sucks, but the money is gone. Best she can do is ask the Swiss restaurant association to make sure the slimy owner can’t open another place.


I feel bad for her, but no one is breaking any laws unfortunately. The cafe owner is obviously being a dink of a person…but that isn’t illegal. Actually it’s how you get elected president in the US.


I once paid $20,000 for a $200 phone bill. Eventually got it back but not without a lot of time on the phone. No pun intended.


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EU must have different laws to the US. We get charge-backs occasionally because people don’t connect our business name with the merchant id that appeared on their statement.


My question exactly. Was it a case of greed winning over common sense? Or maybe the cafe wasn’t profitable?

My hunch is, under US law he doesn’t owe her money back, so bankruptcy won’t help with that. He does owe her in a moral sense, but when have you ever heard of somebody being morally bankr… oh.


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I think the correct thing to have said to the credit card company is “Yes, the charge is fraudulent. It was not the correct amount of money owed to this institution for the service provided by a large degree.”


I don’t know how cards work in the EU, but here in Canada the card readers always offer a confirmation screen showing the full amount after you input the tip and before you type in your PIN. It’s possible to glaze over and not read what it’s telling you, but it does try to tell you.


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I once got a check for $28,000 instead of $2,800 from Sun Microsystems, back when they were growing so quickly that nobody would have noticed a $25k overpayment. I gave it back. I suck at grifting, even the inadvertent kind.


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So did the server get the cash or the owner?


There’s not a lot of conversation to squeeze out of this topic anyway, though; what happened to the woman was unfortunate, but it’s not illegal and she has no real recourse. Going forward, hopefully she learned from this embarrassing and expensive mistake, and will pay more attention to what she’s doing.

As for the restaurant owner; he is a douche for taking advantage of what had to have been an obvious mistake on the part of one of his patrons, and anyone continuing to eat at his establishment should be wary of patronizing such a flagrantly unethical businessman.