Gentleman accused of illegally owning human brain, using embalming fluid to get high

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I love the guy’s mug shot.



I’d heard of people doing this when I was in high school, but back then, I thought it was some sort of urban myth. Who knew it was real?


Either he was doing PCP, or he was not knowledgeable and heard embalming fluid could get you high. Why go for the brain embalming fluid? Where did he get it? So many questions…


I am unclear how keeping a brain in a bag under a porch constitutes “abuse” in any way. Last time I checked, it is not difficult to buy preserved organs and specimens.

But the formaldehyde business reminds me of the old zombie movie “Garden of the Dead”, where prison inmates recreationally use formaldehyde. They try to escape, but when they are shot, they have had enough of the stuff that they are zombified.


Yea, googs on “amp” or “fry”, those fools think PCP & embalming fluid are interchangeable.

1%'ers know they are not. Angel Riders don’t smuggle embalming fluid. Well, maybe prospects do :joy:

I don’t suspect you can both smoke embalming fluid and maintain a place high on the bell curve.
That venn diagram likely have no overlap.


Man, I need a license for my brain now? I knew American anti-intellectualism was going strong, but this is a but much.
Given that formaldehyde is a carcinogen, deliberately exposing yourself to it isn’t going to end well…


Conspiracy? Did he act alone?

You’d be surprised how many obscure laws there are, only to emerge after the commission of a crime. It gives the saying “ignorance is no defense” a whole new meaning.


You can get even higher.

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Nope, sadly not; the slang term for it was ‘wet’ when I was in college.

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Hence the need for brains. It all ties together.


No, I probably wouldn’t be very surprised. Some of my favorite reading in my teens were the General Laws of Massachusetts, where I did find quite a few obscure things. It convinced me at a young age that the real purpose of the legal system was a class-based selective enforcement.

Then again, why did the lady call the police when she discovered a brain in a jar? Why did she guess that this was a crime? My experience has been that expecting police to know what may or not be legal tends to be fruitless - apart from obvious acts such as theft, assault, or murder.

Hello Morbius, my old friend
I’ve come to smoke your juice again
You cause a vision softly creeping
From the fluids your brain’s leaking
And the vision that was coming from your brain
your remains…
I hear the sound of sirens


Would it be a hate crime, if they found out it was Hitler’s brain.

Talk about a clasic 60’s “B” movie. They smoked Hiter’s brain.

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