Man finds 3 ounces of weed hidden inside drink can purchased at Walmart


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I would consider it the happiest of accidents, because I really don’t like that AZ tea.


Smoke it dummy!


Three ounces? It ain’t exactly Walter White, is it?


There’s nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide
when the man dressed in black
is on the inside


3 Oz in a 24 Oz can, what a rip off!


Straightens tie

Did someone say Can-Nabis?

(Really, that killed the room? Tip your waiter and try the veal!)


I guess the joke is on all of us who don’t like it because we’d never buy it, although maybe I would if I knew this was a possibility.

Holy mackerel, this could be the most brilliant marketing campaign ever.


Really? So WTF are police going to do about it? So you got swindled out of $1 of bad tea, it’s not even worth the time of needing to deal with police.

It has been years since I just happened to find weed anywhere. I wouldn’t complain if it happened again!


Ever tell ya about the time two friends of mine found a bag of coke in the street gutter?

Friend #1 says, “I think it’s coke”
Friend #2 says, “I ain’t putting that up my nose”
Friend #1 says, “be right back, I have to pee”

Friend #1 comes back, “yep, it’s coke”
Friend #2 says, “gimme”

Apparently it was a wild night.


Such a report is interesting. What I think is at least as interesting is the cases, if any, that aren’t reported



Ever tell ya about the time two different friends got a paper shopping bag of weed for free?

Friend #3 and #4, sitting down, huffing ether
Stranger #1, says, “I will give you a shopping bag of weed to stop huffing ether”
Friend #3, says, “why?”
Stranger says, “its really bad for you”

Shrugs all around

Stranger says, “okay, here it is!!”

And the stranger hands them 2.5 lbs of really, really weak weed. But all parties in the transaction were satisfied!


I suspect a CIA experiment involving nano-tagged genetically-modified weed.


Good guy stranger sees you huffing, gives you weed. That’s cool to be honest, i’d rather see someone smoke that than to do something more harmful.


It was a cement jar, and they didn’t notice the difference in weight over a regular ol’ can of iced tea?


Oh, totally. It was just the sheer amount that makes me giggle.


They thought it was an all-syrup Squishee.


Reduced by the volume of the weed and it probably came out just right. Cement depending on mix is only about 50% heavier


Ever tell you about the time a friend of mine woke up at his house, completely soaked head to toe and didn’t know why?

Me says, “Why are you soaked, head to toe?”
Friend #5 says, “well, i got really drunk last night.”
Me says, “Why are you soaked, head to toe?”

Friend #5 Ponders…

Friend #5 says, “I think I got back home via the river”.

I almost died laughing, and he almost die trying to get back home by swimming a raging river.