Gentleman drives 174 mph on public road, brags about it online, then gets arrested

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If you watch the digital readout under the tachometer, he briefly hits 300 kph, which is 186 mph. Pretty close but not quite as fast as the Tōhoku Shinkansen which has a max operational speed of 320 kph. Also, pretty sure that you’re not supposed to pull over and get out of your car in a tunnel. Even if it is the middle of the night and there’s no one else on the road.


Looks like they won’t ever be racing the Gumball 3000 in Japan.

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In cars where the governor is 10-20 mph over the speedometer capacity, I refer to it as “dash”. There are places you can do dash for a long time.

I’m wondering about the implications of a car capable of such speeds being street legal. In my ideal world, street legal vehicles would be manufactured with a safer top speed, somewhere around 100 mph. If someone wanted a vehicle faster than that, they wouldn’t be legally able to drive it on the public streets. It would be driven only on a closed track.


Do places with a high concentration of sportscars and supercars have a higher accident or death rate? I’m not trying to lead with that, either - that’s just the first question in my mind. How does the autobahn compare to say, an American 65mph highway as regards to accidents? Is speed the actual issue or is it a combination of factors?


Why 100? What is the max limit in your country? Make that the limit. Don’t have a limit on cop cars, who could then more easily stop people who want a police chase.

Some cars do have speed limits, but they’re mostly set at some high numbers in the 200+ k/h range.

In portrait mode, like a psychopath.


while driving that fast on public roads is never a good idea, that particular locale might be one of the better places to do it. In an empty tunnel, you’ll not have someone pulling out in front of you,


There should be a test for ownership of cars like this. If you want one, you clearly aren’t qualified to drive one.


I think it might be more reasonable to place a governor on the motor than using drive trains that top out at 100. A 50 HP engine might top out at 100 but that 50 HP is kind of a hazard. You can’t merge on to highways and getting out of a potential accident is kinda difficult. But, put a governor on a 500 HP drive train and you get the power you need without the top end speed. Make the governor tied to GPS so that off public roads it has full power and you get the best of both worlds.

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Porte Dauphine to Sacre Coeur de Montmartre at sunrise, 1976

Very loud volume warning. Irresponsible driving warning.

at 4:47 in the video you can see a great example of a “Finnish Flick”.

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You sound like you’re fun at parties.


Does that car ride that bumpy? He looks like he’s in a Saturn V rocket.

I’d imagine that at those speeds even the most supple suspension has trouble keeping the tires on the ground.

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Pretty stiff suspension on a GT-R. Those “bumps” are minor variations in the road surface at that speed.

I can’t get too worked up about someone going that fast in an empty tunnel in a vehicle designed to handle it. Going 80 mph in a pickup truck in traffic is more dangerous, and I see it every day.


Is it common to find tunnels like that in Japan? Good lighting, very long, straight as an arrow, two lanes wide, devoid of any other cars or people.

I got your gentleman boingboing.