POV video of driving a tricked-out Lamborghini supercar at 150 mph on the Autobahn

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A bit duller than I would have expected.

(If a Lambo owner wants to loan me theirs, I’d certainly consider retracting my statement.)


I seem to remember that, while there isn’t a speed limit on the Autobahn, there are strictly enforced safe-breaking-distances.

Indeed, I guess that “you had to be there” is in full effect.


That car is ridiculous, the speeds he got to were absurd, but he was also very respectful of the other drivers - that might be my favorite part. I wish people around here drove like that - no tailgating, no passing on the right, generally being predictable and cooperative.

In fact, forget the supercar, that’s the dream right there.


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NAL but from driving there a few times a few years back I think the standard was that they don’t have a speed limit but if you’re going faster than 130KPH (typical speed limit on European highways) you will have increased liability if you have or cause an accident.

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I once had a job which entailed driving various Ferraris at times. Basically a Ferrari 308 (not the fastest thing around) being driven at 120mph felt like 80mph, and those were pretty normal speeds around the San Jose area. With a more open highway 150mph in one of these cars is not really all that fast. *

  • three caveats:
    One is that you really do need to know how to drive decently; I did in my 20s
    Two is how others will react to your driving: you can be perfectly safe and sane but if those around you don’t know that they can react badly and that will cause a problem that is at least partially your fault
    Three is that if something unexpected does happen, physics means the results will be worse the faster you’re going

It’s funny, in the era of high performance EV’s, the sound of that Lambo engine no longer sounds amazing to me. Now it just sounds like the sound of a thousand moving parts that can and will break soon.


what was really interesting to me is that there were cars he wasn’t exactly overtaking quickly, even though he was driving quite fast. Must be a trip to drive on the Autobahn


Heading over to an oil rich country in a few days and I can only hope one of these is in the rental car pool.


Pick a gear, Bro


Booorrring! I’ll take the Lambo tractor they show off in Clarkson’s Farm any day.

You’ve never tried to drive the fabulous streets of Pittsburgh. It’s like mixing Frogger and QBert all behind the wheel on old, pothole filled roads in a triangle behind a car of short, elderly folks in an 80’s era Buick. Exciting? Yep.


I think the soundtrack to this should be a bit more lively than mellow old Kraftwerk - something faster, louder, and more caffeinated.

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Good times, although the appropriate soundtrack is, of course, this:


I mean, Volvo station wagons go about that fast on the Autobahn.

Having gone that fast in a few different vehicles, my opinion is that raw speed is over-rated. It manages to be both boring and terrifying at the same time.


Funny enough, the fastest top speed (roughly) that I have gone is bottoming out the speedometer on my Honda CRX si back in the day (late 80’s) on the way to Lake Tahoe at like 5am.
I was coming down the hill on 580 between Castro Valley and Dublin. The reason I even remember it was because I passed a 911 who was in the right lane and as I got close to the bottom of the hill, I backed off. While I was still somewhere around 90mph, I saw lights approaching behind me and then flash. I moved to the right and the 911 blew past me at quite a clip. With a wonderful sound. :slight_smile:


so, really? most of “the Autobahn” is 2 lane (per direction?) They must have significantly fewer dumbshit assholes than we do…


If that seems dull to anyone, there is a good reason for that … you’re watching a skilful driver who isn’t taking risks, and is assessing the road ahead as far as is visible, and pulling back on the speed when required. Most people aren’t that skilful.
Petrolheads love the mantra “speed doesn’t kill”. And it doesn’t kill, if you are an experienced driver who recognises a) the road conditions b) the unpredictability of other drivers c) their own level of skill and d) the particular braking response of the vehicle they are driving. Unfortunately, it’s as empty a mantra as “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Give an idiot a Lamborghini and they will be a menace.