Gentleman enjoys wasting time at community meetings with poorly fabricated stories and bad acting

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Leave this kind of thing to professionals with actual talent.


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with poorly fabricated stories and bad acting

Damn, Netflix needs to pick this dude up, he’s a natural.


I think we have an Andy Kaufman wannabee.


When I was farming in the Capay Valley, we would sell at the farmer’s market at the Marin County Civic Center where I am assuming this meeting is held. It’s a gorgeous, sprawling, weird monster by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s so freaking big I can’t even find a picture that captures more than half of it.

Apparently, it’s got its own app:

It’s money.



Having lived there, the county building is not well organized for moving around, and I think constantly requires a TON of upkeep – however it is very beautiful to walk around. The auditorium/civic center also really needed a lot of work when I last went to a guitar show there.

The farmers market is really a thing to behold, but grocery shopping in Marin itself is a very odd thing that I found difficult and disquieting during my 16 years with a home there. I think everything is aimed at getting you to go to THE if not A farmers market and buy everything for 4-6x what it costs at Trader Joes – and if you can’t go to Farmer’s Market there is Whole Earth that’ll charge you even more. Anything not a super-premium market involves horror movie lighting, insanely weird in-store organization and marketing, plus something were Marin seems to act as a nexus all the “Best Foods is Helmanns” twilight zoning of brands.


A good general description of many of Wright’s buildings.


I, for one, would order an episode of Tiger King where he is tasked with interviewing characters. Just to see how it would shake out.

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He is a troll and very successful at being unfunny. Next!


There’s a fine line between a hilarious asshole and just a plain asshole


Tell me the place was designed by FLW without telling me the place was designed by FLW.

Same story, different state.


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Well if you shopped there ca. 2003, it’s very possible I sold you some tomatoes. It really is one of the awesomest farmer’s markets I’ve ever been to. Especially as a vendor because you can just trade product for basically anything. At least once per day, each vendor wanders around looking for barters.

Oh, and the rotisserie chicken guys would give you a free chicken at the end of the day if they had any left! Unfortunately, I was still a vegetarian at the time and couldn’t take advantage, but the tamale place had some bangin’ veggie items.


I swear I saw this in The Phantom Menace as a civic building on Naboo.


The proximity to Lucas Film Prime is non-coincidental.


largely unfunny state of Texas

I was about to be offended, but there hasn’t been much to laugh about here lately…

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This is about when I moved to Marin. We were pretty regular, especially during the pony rides phase of The Child’s life. One birthday involved hiring the pony ride operator to bring them to out to Muir Beach for her birthday party.

The farmers market is one of those magical Marin things that really couldn’t exist elsewhere. I ride my bike to the Venice Beach one Friday mornings and load up on a few good, usual things but its nothing like the giant carnival of produce, fish, poultry, beef, pork, baked goods, yoghurts, hummus, flowers, plants, local honey, nuts, granolas, nut butters, on and on and on that happens in Marin, It was a couple acres iirc? Even the bands were occasionally not a horrible distraction.


Oh yeah! That’s such a sweet memory, though that was totally at the periphery of my experience. My day started at 4 am loading the produce the useless boss was too drunk to get the crew to load and hauling ass while listening to Mexican radio to get there before all of the wax-bean looking raw food weirdos assaulted me an hour before the market officially opened. You know… while the precious energies were still abundant. At least in Merritt Lake in Oakland it was the Food Not Bombs scavengers who always came at the end of the day.

It’s really an incredible array. NYC markets are heavily regulated and everything has to be produced on the farm (with the exception of ingredients like salt). It’s totally appropriate for NY because it would be overrun by swindlers in no time and there’s no shortage of any product you can imagine within 4-5 subway stops of Union Square, but it does really limit what’s on offer and prevents it from ever being anything like the California markets.

Yeah, it was (is?) the entire day use parking lot. It’s so beautiful in those moments between the rush of customers to actually have a chance to look up and see the Civic Center, the mountains and all the lush scenery around you and be completely enchanted with your surroundings. Such an incredible area.

My first time ever seeing the ocean (unless the Gulf Coast in a hurricane on acid counts). Although I didn’t really “see” it as it was a night time skinny-dip. Which are really the worst kind of skinny-dips for numerous reasons.

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“…trying to self-promote to little avail”

And, yet, here we are.