Gentleman posted photo of catalytic converter for sale online seemingly unaware of huge bag of meth in the background

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That’s the part of the story that I’m trying to figure out. Meth heads have a reputation for stealing the cats off of cars to sell for quick cash. I wonder how this guy came into possession of a brand new one?

Given that it’s actually illegal to sell used catalytic converters in most places, I wonder if there’s a thriving business out there making fake boxes that allow people to package the stolen ones and pass them off as new?


But they’re nice folks…


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Got it, I’ll make sure they are in the foreground next time.


The packaging says it’s a universal cat. Does that mean you can just weld it inline to any ol’ exhaust system? It also mentions OBD2, so there must be some kind of data connection too (I don’t know squat about details of cats, btw).

But geez, when I post pics of stuff I want to get rid of, I’m pretty meticulous about what all shows up in the background. You’d think this guy would be on a slightly heightened sense of presence. Also, how did a concerned citizen contact authorities to rat this guy out? Was it a 911 call?

I had a handheld video camera get stolen, then later it got posted on CL where I found it. I called the detectives who were handling my home burglary investigation and within minutes, they posed as a buyer and arranged a visit. I got the camera back, and while it was in the hands of criminals, they started filming, set the camera down on a bed and took 45 minutes of footage of the bedspread and the closet door beyond, and part of a pack of smokes. Unfortunately, nothing interesting.


and just look at that banana - just look at it


Some cats have ports for the installation of oxygen sensors, which would be the only “data” connection that a cat could have, but, confusingly, the EPA OBD rating on the box actually means that it meets federal emission requirements but probably not the California-specific emission requirements.


Earlier in the year I got a call from the place where we store our RV along with several hundred other RVs. Someone went through and stole quite a few of them. It’s a secure lot with plenty of lighting and cameras, I never heard how it ended but my catalytic converter survived.

They now have even more cameras. Thia place is no where near anything like a big city, my money is on another renter who has a storage unit full of converters. It was done through the off season so they could have taken their time through the winter and no one would know until they started up in the spring.


i have an identical bag in my front entrance buts its contents are epsom salts. maybe i should put a spoon next to it.


There’s a hole for an O2 sensor to thread in. But this ignores the different sizes of exhaust piping so it’s not truly “universal”.


I’ll admit I did glance at it.


I suppose that there’s a label explaining for what make and models the cat converter is. I suppose it’s like aftermarket disk brakes, where one type of disc goes in different cars.

Don’t forget the syringe.


You’d think I’d get tired of hearing that…


Methamphetamine (AKA meth or speed) and cocaine (AKA coke or blow) are two different drugs. While in small moderate amounts neither are especially dangerous, methamphetamine’s effect as a central nervous stimulant persist considerably longer as it’s metabolized much slower.

Knowing this is important because anyone considering taking either should be aware of the differences.

The bag in the picture, if indeed it is a recreational drug and not copganda, could either be meth or powdered cocaine.

It does not. Crack cocaine has a small rocky appearance, hence its name. It’s also far more addictive and should be avoided at all costs, IMHO.


For non-emergency calls, most municipalities in the US prefer that you call 311, which connects to municipal services which, if warranted, will be forwarded to law enforcement. This cuts down on wait times for people calling 911 for actual emergency services, such as ambulances and fire fighters.


I feel like this could be a fun new trend! Let’s all post random stuff on FB Marketplace with fake drugs in the background just to see what happens!


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