Gentleman rides electronic Harley-Davidson and likes it

None of them understands how acoustics works, not that they’d care. They’ll cling to the thinnest rationalization for being trolls.


Harleys around here (Alabama) are almost exclusively ridden by overweight b-holes with various gun or confederate flag fetishes. Electric anything is their kryptonite.

Personally, I think a Harley is less a motorbike than a Barcalounger with a silly loud motor. It’s for people who are still, at heart, chimps banging a jerry can around the clearing in an attempt to impress other, possibly bigger, chimps.

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In the video the narrator said 146 miles urban, but highway usage (i.e. speed) may cut that by as much as half.

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The Vespa Electric is already under 10k and some of the electric mopeds are solidly under 5k.


So, what, about 70-100 miles? Hmmmmm, that is not comfortable math.

So it has the range of the MTBF of a normal Harley.

The most important person in a group of Harley riders out on a ride is the person driving the sweep truck.

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What, smiles too much?
He seems like a reasonable enough guy, I didn’t see him do anything to earn him the appellation “gentleman.”

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Anti-stoppie system! Spoil sports.

I have only one question…


You need to get out to a well appointed bike shop soon. There are so many electric bike options available, any one of which would put a moped to shame. Almost all of them are under 5k in price. Sub 3k is more the norm. Most are what is referred to as “pedal assist”. You can even get a great aftermarket kit that will fit on any bike with a down tube and bottom bracket that will convert your old bike to electric. Motor, controller, and battery will set you back around 1k.

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