Gentleman steals ambulance to drive himself to hospital

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That man, yeah that guy, he is my hero.


Ambulance charges are pretty significant in and of themselves. Maybe he thought he could get a discount if he didn’t have to pay the driver.


I was about to ask how much he charged himself for the trip. Most likely he was out of network, so it’ll be pretty steep.


Only if he also made a burger run en route.


$600 in 1996 for a 1/2 block ride to the hospital, on a backboard. All of 30 minutes.


I have only ridden in an ambulance once. I was in Tokyo on business. At 4am, I had this incredible pain in my lower abdomen on the left side (it turned out to be a kidney stone), so I called the front desk and had them call me an ambulance. I was not charged for the ambulance and the emergency treatment that I received set me back about 100 USD. The horrors of socialized medicine, folks.


I had a similar experience in Japan. Abdominal pain and passing out (nothing serious) led to an ambulance ride through Kamakura and ER visit that cost something like $85 total.


Possibly heavier criminal charges this way; but odds are depressingly high that any financial penalties for a stunt like this will end up being lower than the bill for riding the normal way.

I wonder what penalties this lady will end up facing.

saves on parking charges

I guarantee you he got himself there as fast or faster than the ambo driver would have. In the part of Baltimore where this happened stopping for red lights is totally optional, and in fact discouraged. You may not know this, but the other drivers do.

It’s not that it’s a bad neighborhood and you shouldn’t stop for any reason… It’s just that people don’t care!

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