Gentleman tries to fill stolen car with stolen goods from Target, but nope

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If he wants to continue his career, he’d better develop better situational awareness. i.e. don’t head straight back to the stolen car before non-obviously scanning the area for police cars and officers.


I think this is where his admission about being on drugs fills in a lot of context.





That’s a better Target situation than what I heard about recently nearby. There was a dude shooting people at the Lakewood Target a half hour north of there on the 9th. Man Fatally shot in parking lot of Lakewood Towne Center | KOMO

What is it about Target?


I remember seeing a gentleman squeezing quite a few boxes underneath the fence surrounding Walmart’s garden department, Inventive technique.

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It might not be difficult to get away with taking things from Target. When I went shopping there Saturday morning, there was not a single cashier. Every register was self-checkout. :man_shrugging:


Sounds like the guy was asking to get caught. Like he painted a big…thing…symbol thing, like “come get me!” thing, on his back. I can’t think of what you call it right now.


The man was also on electronic home monitoring but had cut off his ankle monitor, Lacey Police said in a Facebook post.

Call me crazy (YOU’RE CRAZY!) but if someone cuts off their ankle monitor isn’t an alarm set off at police HQ or a monitoring company that then lets the police know so they can find the person? I understand they can’t be there instantly, but at least put out an APB…

Can a single person “mill around”?

Also, practice checking your pockets, slapping your forehead at being such an absent minded duffer and then walking purposefully but casually in the other direction. Or taking your phone out and pretending to answer a call, saying, ‘What? Oh, that side of the car park! Okay!’ and again with the casual stroll, not the panicked run.

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Well, for that particular incident, surely the clue’s in the name?

Judge Ken Jeong in a sombrero to deliver Amicus Curiae, try something distantly related to fentanyl…

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