Gentleman purposely crashes car into courthouse to tell police someone stole his drug paraphernalia


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Seems like a reasonable way to contact the police over stolen drug paraphernalia


I think that was a rather cavalier way to contact the authorities about a possible theft.

But at least now I know where the word comes from! thx BB!


Well, it is an effective way of contacting the police, though I wouldn’t call it a good way…


Good for the glass wall contractor and for the wheels of justice, at least. Shame about his wheels.


I remember when some jokers pulled a similar stunt back in 2015.


Why is it always a pickup?


It’s a literal way of contacting the police.


Because they help compensate for a feeling of smallness.


Apparently someone should have stolen his drug paraphernalia a little bit sooner than they did.


Wait this wasn’t Florida?


How is this not in Florida?


Jinx… you owe me a coke.


Coastal MS is pretty much the panhandle, no?


What I want to know is “what was it that Marty McFly did that caused Princess Diana to die?”

I hear the Daily Express in the UK wants to know too.


Well, he is white, so it may take a bit of extra work to get police in Mississippi to notice him when they are busy doing suspicionless searches of black people.


The bit about “Queen Diana” was one of the sadder predictions Back to the Future got wrong, but how creepy would it have been if the filmmakers HAD accurately predicted her untimely death?


One might say this was very cavalier of him…

I’m here all week, folks. Try the veal!


The world loves a stoner.


Technically they had predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth, whose mother was still alive, active and in her late 80s (like the Queen in 2015) when the film was made.

But yes, that would have been creepy if they had got that right.