Gentleman traps two cops in car and drives toward pole before one officer grabs the wheel

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That’s a new one.


You can bet gentleman experienced police wrath off-camera/behind closed doors once in custody.


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Probably tripped and fell on some steel-toed boots several dozen times. Very klutzy. /s

But seriously, if the guy had “drug paraphernalia” and a knife but wasn’t doing anything with them at the time, why did these cops risk their own lives to do something about it? How was anyone served by this stop?


“Reasons” is two clicks through.

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. – On Saturday, February 25, 2023, at approximately 3:17 p.m., Fort Walton Beach police officers initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Hughes Street and Oregon Drive, for a traffic infraction. During the traffic stop, officers attempted to identify the driver, while speaking with him about his identity, officers observed drug paraphernalia in the driver’s door and a knife in the passenger seat. Upon the observations, the driver was asked to exit the vehicle; however, refused.


“Drug paraphernalia” could be a spoon or an insulin syringe.

What I object to is the idea that a lot of copaganda puts forth, that the “real value” of traffic stops is this kind of fishing expedition, where they nabbed a “bad guy.” Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Certainly his response to the stop was not good. But the stop created the response, that is being used to justify the stop.

Fishing expeditions like this rarely find “bad guys” and we hear all the time about how the “bycatch” of them so often results in fatality or injury of either cops or innocents or both. It’s simply not worth it. If they guy ran a red light, write him a ticket and move on.


No argument here. If anyone should be stopped, it’s the DUI’s and crazy folks like the Tesla guy in California recently who was captured on video multiple times trying to beat fellow drivers with a pipe. Let that broken taillight cover go, man. :man_shrugging:


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