Gentleman in car crash gives police his dashcam to prove innocence, but footage shows him committing earlier crime


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Just another day at the office for Florida Man…




Moran? And his brother Moran? Come on, that’s just lazy writing.

edit: From the article it appears he lives with his family, presumably also Morans.


“Get a brain…”


Judge: “Ah, I see your middle name is ‘Inocencio.’ Case dismissed!”




I wonder how different this story would be if the gentleman was black. They sure do love letting this guy off the hook easy.


Florida men gotta Florida Man.


Florida man, Florida man,
criminal acts on his own dash cam,
got in a wreck, shared with the cops, Florida man,

Florida man, Florida man
threatens his family with a gun in his hand,
runs from the cops, caught in a bush, Florida man.


My favorite:

“Florida Man Nicknamed “Murder” With “Murder” Neck Tattoo Charged With Murder”


My god, they keep releasing this guy. What does it take to keep a dangerous and deranged person off the streets. Something really bad is going to happen before this is over.


Expect a headhunter to offer him a senior position at the Trump administration in 10, 9, 8, 7, …


Was this gentleman under the impression that cracking a safe is akin to breaking a piñata?


Florida man gives me the collywobbles.


My mother goes to Florida every winter. The more I learn about Florida man, the more I know that I will never become a snowbird like her. People who live in Florida: why not flee for a less insane place?


Rob thought that breaking into a safe was pretty easy too. Although all he got from that was a dank carpet


California has weed, and it’s dam cheap too. But you’ll be regulated to the deserts for comparable housing prices…



Moran told a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy that he was cut off by another driver and could prove it through his dashboard camera…

While reviewing the video footage, the deputy observed Moran’s 2014 Nissan backing into a parking space in front of the Sally’s Beauty Supply store. The video then allegedly shows Moran taking a bat from the car’s trunk and breaking the glass door leading into the business.

I’m missing something. How does a dashboard camera show him taking something from the trunk? How does it show him breaking into a store when he’d backed into a space in front of it?