Geographically representative map of the London Underground


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Thank you, very useful for my next game of Mornington Crescent. I think I can do something sneaky around Baker Street.


You mean… the Central Line isn’t actually shaped like a bottle?

All my drunk friends lied to me!


Every light rail line I ride when I travel, I askyself these kinds of questions about the mechanicals I can see, and what I can’t see. Surely this kind of thing should exist for every public train system in the world; I hope there’s enough train fandom geekiness to make it happen!


Over on this side of the pond, we call that game, “Calvinball”.


I hope that they can have an ‘age progression’ done so that we can imagine finding old rail assets in Shadowrun/Dragonfall. Diverse, cosmopolitan Schenectady don’t fail me now.


Having just escaped from that nightmare I don’t understand why they built it like that in the first place.


Sir, you have offended me and my ancestors.


Ah I am safe in Paris now, offending a totally different bunch of people.


Oh. As long as you’re offending the French at least the same amount, you are forgiven. </FriendlyXenophobia>


Calvinball is to Mornington Crescent what Lacrosse is to Hockey. Similar concepts but very different sports. :laughing:


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