London's amazing underground infrastructure revealed in vintage cutaway maps


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TIL: The BBC Television Centre looks like an early model of the Millennium Falcon.


[cough] I think you mean Isometric, not ‘isomorophic’

And, yes, getting to see in a 3D-ish way what is below-ground is better’n ASMR


And for a more modern take on it, see these:


Pity, they don’t have ones of the underground bunkers.

The Chancery Lane one is still for sale. I think it has a theater and pub. Man Caving Large!


Read or listen to Neil Gaiman’s “Nevermore” and you will never think of London Underground in the same way. Hearing him narrate it is a fine treat as we near the trick or treat season.


They’re not isometric, either, they’re all in perspective.

I was thinking more of a turbocharger:


I’m surprised they still have these up, because… “terrorists”…of course.

Bad guys might use them to determine “weak spots” they could attack. I was watching some video on new build stuff in London and they were very careful to conceal where the entrances to the work sites were “for security” which was absurd because there were these humongous vertical shafts you could see from any nearby building and block long safety walls up.


The Transport Museum in Covent Garden, which really is outstanding, also has a couple of models of stations.


There’s a really cool book on subways called Labyrinths of Iron: Subways in History, Myth, Art, Technology, & War by Benson Bobrick (New York: Quill/William Morrow, 1981).

One of the wacky facts I learned was that posters put up by London Transport in London subways in 1930, “with their revolutionary use of sans-serif type designs, changed the whole field of modern typography” (pg. 297).

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Come now, people, you only know the ones that aren’t secret.



Not even, I think. IIRC, isometric drawings ignore perspective.


Picadilly’s not even one of my most regular stations, but I was able to identify that top cutaway before seeing the name just from the shape in my head :smiley:


Nice quote. :slight_smile:

As it happens (just in case you didn’t know and are interested and in a position to do so), you can now ride on the MailRail:

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