Abandoned and hidden tube stations beneath London


i really enjoyed pirate cinema.

A lot of the photos of abandoned stations show working lights and other appliances, some obviously more recent than the date of closure of the stations. I’m guessing that they’re for the convenience of workers who still do some inspection and maintenance of these sites.

Thank you!

And of course various government officials claim such photography is an aid to terrorists.

I visited London and rode on the tube for the first time about a month ago. It was kind of a mind-boggling experience for me. The system was more massive than anything I had ever experienced (the largest subway system I had previously used was the Washington, DC metro). I spent a lot of time wandering around confused in the labyrinths that were tube stations. Luckily, I could usually rely on following other passengers to get somewhere. Even at off-peak times (like Sunday morning) there were more crowds than I’m used to seeing at rush hour in Helsinki (which makes sense considering that the city of London has nearly twice the population of the entire country of Finland).

I am getting a javascript redirect to the app store of my mobile phone when reading the article on chrome for android.

Good article, presumably. But not readable on my device. I don’t want to find out if there’s a redirect back to the article after installing the unwanted “battery saving” software nagvertised.

Just saying. Will read on a real device later.

(This reminds me that I should eventually find time to fiddle with cyanogen mod. I wonder how ubuntu phone is doing also.)

Forget the Tower. THIS should be UNIT HQ.

People who find this interesting should check out http://www.subbrit.org.uk/ a HUGE treasure trove of information on wide variedy of underground (mostly abanonded but some repurposed) installations.

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I just got the Laundry RPG manual, and old bomb shelters and abandoned/disused Tube stations figure into the plans for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN.

I used to use the Charing Cross Jubilee Line.


My friends, please remember that London Below is dangerous. Dangerous in ways you could never imagine.
Of course, it’s all worth the danger, so have at it.

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