Guy visits the least used train stations in the UK


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I love the little cuppa icon. ding


I’ll use any excuse to post some Flanders and Swann


For the Toronto equivalent: Finding Bessarion


Is this guy related to the Loch Ness watcher?


Let me know when he gets to Little Bazeley.*

  • Intentionally obscure reference to the first Emma Peel episode of The Avengers.


I expect that some of the stations* that were cut by Richard Beeching and Ernest Marples (who had contracts for building motorways) had more people using them than the ones in the videos.

* I know that it was the lines that were cut, but even then some of those choices were questionable.


Goodness, when they’re now referred to as heritage trains… I feel really old.


I want this hobby.


Nice Alaska Sea Life Center sweater on that one guy…:smiley:


No. He’s not


GUYS! For some action, watch this one -


Thanks all! I’ve done 7 so far, and there’s a fair few to get round, the complete playlist of all the ones i’ve done so far, is here on Youtube:

thanks! Geoff.


Thanks for making them!. Looking forward to watching the Dilton Marsh one. :slight_smile:

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