Map of where London's train stations go


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Except the train from King’s Cross actually goes to Leuchars (for St. Andrews) rather than St. Andrews. Trust me, I know.


St. Pancras has been scaled back I see.
What was it the Western Brothers used to say…

“St George for England!
St Pancras for Scotland!”


This actually narrows down the location of Hogwarts slightly - it’s in the eastern half of The Highlands, otherwise the Hogwarts Express would depart from Euston


Marvelous. Thought provoking. But more useful than showing where the train stations go, would be a map that show were the trains go.


Google Maps tells me originating King’s Cross, but it appears you end up in Euston access by the time you’re done…


Would be improved by googly eyes.


Cannot find destinations on the map corresponding to Necropolis Station. I am disappoint.


On a recent visit, we used Paddington (to visit Bath Spa) and Waterloo (to get to Surbiton where my niece is staying, and Vauxhall where we were staying).

I grew up near NYC, but found Waterloo borderline alarming in its size and busy-ness.

P.S. Am I the only one who keep reading that as “St. Pancreas?”



wildly inaccurate. Not least for missing out Charing X


London’s commuter drainage basins

Fun (if irrelevant) fact: Americans would call those “watersheds”, because Americans think a “watershed” is a basin, rather than a divide.


You beat me to it, matey!


well spotted.


It’s Waterloo.


Adjacent to Waterloo Bridge station, but not identical.
One wonders which additional amenities elevate a 1st-class above a 3rd-class coffin ticket.


Weird. As a non-Londoner I mainly think of the rail network in terms of the West- and East-coast mainlines, although generally I’ve almost exclusively used the West-Coast.


What you meant to type.


Yeah, I fail to see how having mobile train stations can be useful.


The Train was on time, the Station was late. Their performance is measured by late trains, not stations.