3D maps of London Underground stations

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Doesn’t axonometric imply that they are to scale?

Also, now I want a map of Neverwhere.

Thought. What about 3d models and integrating them into e.g. Google Earth?

Could a rough 3d scan of the inside of a structure be obtained quickly and painlessly from e.g. a cellphone video, if accelerometer/gyro/compass signal is added to the video and possibly two channels (for stereo vision) is used? The scans then could be crowdsourced with relative ease.

Are these legal? I’m kind of surprised the ‘security services’ haven’t banned this sort of thing “for our protection”?

These are wonderful - thanks. While I’m in those tunnels, I have limited sense of where they are relative to one another, so this has revolutionised my mental mapping.

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I always thought a game based in the London Underground tube networks, interconnected, would’ve made for a great ‘Capture the Flag’ FPS.

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That’s why I propose a crowdsourcing approach. Send the videos to a server outside of the reach of the given nation’s services, process and host the 3d data there. In a distributed fashion so taking down one node, or even many, will have no effect.

That could be royal fun! :smiley:

Possibly add simulated crowds, and have some mild penalties for collateral damage.

There is an FPS-type RPG based in a magical post-apocalyptic London in which the Tube system features heavily. I forget what it’s called though. Few years old now.

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A WikiPedia page duggests two possibles.
Uncharted 3 (PS3)
Werewolves of London (Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore).
Watching some gameplay on YT, it looks like it’s a war-ruined version, fairly small and only loosely based-on.

The ZX Spectrum version is spot-on though.

Nah, it was a PC game with Fallout 3 kind of mechanics.

No Mornington Crescent? (or Baker Street)

I asked myself the same question immediately, which tells us something about the sad state of our society.

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