George RR Martin, 1993 "The fantasy novel I've been working on off and on for a while" is an unlikely project for TV


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Funny in retrospect, but I don’t blame him for thinking that. It was a different world in terms of culture and technology. The top-rated shows of 1993 were mostly 3-camera sitcoms, news magazine shows, and sports. The “CBS Sunday Movie” still made the top 10. The 1-hour dramas were procedurals or shows like “Murder She Wrote.” HBO original shows were mainly live-to-tape standup comedy and music. The seeds of the second Golden Age of TV we’re enjoying now were there (e.g. “Seinfeld”, “Northern Exposure”, “NYPD Blue”, “Homicide”), but they’d only just been planted.


I’m not able to watch the video now, but just from the headline, I tend to agree. In 1993, GoT wouldn’t have been a good fit for TV. For one thing, there was no DVR or on demand, and GoT is hard enough to follow with the ability to rewatch at will. For another, fantasy for adults wasn’t nearly as well developed of a genre then.


The state of fantasy in 1993:


Yes. The dotcom boom was just getting off the ground, so geeks and their niche cultures were still considered “losers” by the mainstream.


I differ on that point.


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Wow, that really did feel like Dr.Quinn, Mother of Dragons…


Dr. Quinn made it to FIVE SEASONS??!!

That explains a lot about our current world situation, actually…


But a couple years later:


Btw his less famous work “Wild Cards” would be an awesome cable series.


The epitome of HBO programming in the mid 1990’s

Bad sitcom comedy mixed with copious cable TV nudity.


Although this is from last year, so I don’t know if it’s still on the cards or not:


There is only one appropriate reaction to this news



Was he in Cannonball Run 2 ?


Considering the (quite important) changes between the books and the series, I tend to agree with 1993’s Martin.

Not to say the series isn’t enjoyable (far from it), but the differences show that, as the books stand, they still are, indeed, an unlikely project for TV.


Ever time a new season of GoT starts, I’m like “hey, how is he still alive?”


I was thinking he looked like a mid-80s rapper, actually.