George Takei endorses Pete Buttigieg

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It’s time like this that I remind myself that although not every leading Democratic candidate is my favorite, I still agree with them on far more than I disagree, and anyone who doesn’t vote and/or donate and/or volunteer for whoever is running with a D in front of their name in next year’s election is no friend of mine.


I’m a Warren supporter, but I liked his endorsement and am definitely keeping Pete in mind (and Bernie, and Amy, and there’s a long list… so very long… please make it shorter…). It’s a good reminder that we have lots of great choices, and while we may not agree with them on everything, we have FAR more in common than we do disagreements.


I suspect that the prospect of having an LGBTQ candidate is what tipped the scales toward Buttigieg for Takei in the primary race. Which is understandable. The fact that an openly gay man is a serious contender for the Dem nomination is transformational, and should be celebrated not only by a gay man like Takei but by anyone who celebrates diversity. Whatever one’s opinion of Buttigieg’s positions, he’s opened another door like Obama and Clinton before him.

I agree. I liked how Takei made that clear at the beginning.


Pete seem very likeable. I would, however like him to have some experience in federal office before he became my first choice. But at this point, if the Democratic party nominated “Hat on a stick” I will be ALL IN for Stick 2020.


That and he’s rich, and Pete is far less aggressive in reforming taxation to be fair than the other candidates are.


Takei is wealthy, but I don’t think he has the kind of money that Warren and Sanders are threatening to tax. I might see some vague sympathy with Buttigieg’s neoliberal-lite economic philosophy, but that doesn’t seem to be the driving force behind the endorsement.




I’d prefer George Takei. George - are you listening?


So you’re saying he’s more electable. I think I agree.

Buttigieg is probably the only candidate I’d really like to see win. The others I would vote for (or maybe not, I’m in a red state and my vote for President doesn’t matter) but only because the alternative is so much worse.

No, no, NO! Don’t think that way. Even if you live in a red state, if the electoral college throws the loser into the office yet again, the margin between the popular vote and the “winner” is important. Make it as large as possible. I live in a libby-lib blue state, and I’m still going to go out and vote for whatever D is on the ticket.


I kinda like Buttigieg, but I think he’s a long shot at this point. But who knows?

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Despite what millionaires and billionaires think, they are very much a minority. I don’t think Pete is more electable, but I do think the Media would prefer him.


Better headline: Marginal, press-hungry figure endorses marginal, press-hungry figure.

Buttigeg is a pro-corporate joke, a ex-McKinsey consultant whose message is “like now, but nicer,” which is not at all what the moment requires.

Just as Margaret Thatcher was “a woman, but no sister,” Mayor Pete is a Democrat, but no Progressive – and that alone means he shouldn’t be in the race.

Takei’s endorsement means as much as that of Grumpy Cat.


There were more than a few PA and WI voters who said things like that. It ended less than well.


George Takai repping Mayor Pete is pretty disingenuous if you ask me. Oh you do? Let me explain! On George’s insta he’s promoting t-shirt sales that have all the democratic “squad” names on them. Ok cool, extremely talented, and fierce women fighting for progress, not the status quo. I can get behind that you think! Well, take a second and see who every single member of the squad has endorsed. It’s Bernie Sanders, NOT Pete. They endorsed Bernie Sanders because he is bringing the most progressive, and racially equitable campaign to the table. If you don’t understand why it matters to vote for someone who has made it their lifelong mission to fight for disenfranchised people then please get out of your old white educated bubble and look around a bit.

Pete Buttigieg is some podunk mayor who presides over an extremely racist and militaristic police force. The establishment is throwing their weight at him. Don’t take the bait. Vote with class consciousness.


Technically, 3 out of 4 of The Squad endorsed Bernie, and 1 out of 4 endorsed Warren.

Otherwise, nice post, and welcome to BoingBoing!


I hope to God we don’t get him or any of the other Republican-from-twelve-years-ago billionaire-worshiping DNCcrats. He has already taken millions from the insurance industry to ensure that tens of thousands will die every year for lack of access to healthcare and to guarantee that medical bankruptcy will still be the leading cause of financial destruction of American families. He has announced in advance that he wants us sick and poor, just not quite as sick and poor as the real Republicans want us.

That said, I will give him time, money, and my vote if he is the nominee.


While I happen to disagree with his choice, I’m not entirely sure that one can reasonably accuse George Takei of being in an “old white educated bubble.” It is possible for well-informed people of good faith to prefer someone other than Sanders, and not all disagreement on that point is based in a lack of understanding.