2020 Election Thread (formerly: 2020 Presidential Candidates Thread) (Part 1)

Kirsten Gillibrand just threw her hat in the race.

So far, that’s her, Tulsi Gabbard, and Elizabeth Warren. Trump is presumptive, but with the fecal tornado that is his presidency, I’m not ruling out a primary challenge completely. If I missed any, by all means, that’s what this thread is for. Discuss your faves, likes, dislikes, hopefuls, and predictions.

The Confirmed List So Far (Alphabetical by Last Name):

Candidate Name Party Affiliation Currently Serving/Occupation Status
Cory Booker Democrat United States Senator from New Jersey Running
Pete Buttigieg Democrat Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Running
Julian Castro Democrat Memoirist, Former HUD Secretary Running
John Delaney Democrat US House Representative of Maryland’s 6th District Running
Tulsi Gabbard Democrat US House Representative of Hawaii’s 2nd District Running
Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat Unites States Senator from New York Running
Kamala Harris Democrat United States Senator from California Running
John Hickenlooper Democrat Governor of Colorado Running
Amy Klobuchar Democrat US Senator from Minnesota Running
Adam Kokesh Libertarian Activist Running
Richard Ojeda II Democrat West Virginia Senator from the 7th District Suspended
Beto O’Rourke Democrat Lost to Ted Cruz Running
Bernie Sanders Democrat US Senator from Vermont Running
Vermin Supreme Libertarian Performance Artist/Activist Running
Donald Trump Republican Incumbent Running
Arvin Vohra Libertarian Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee Running
Elizabeth Warren Democrat United States Senator from Massachusetts Running
Bill Weld Republican Board of Directors–Acreage Holdings Running

Possible Hopefuls (Loose Criteria):

Joe Biden (D)
Michael Bloomberg (R-Would probably run as D)
Cory Booker (D) Promoted to “now running”
Kamala Harris (D) Promoted to “now running.”
Tim Kaine (D)
Mitt Romney (R)
Bernie Sanders (Independent)
Howard Schultz (Independent)
Jesse Ventura (Green Party)

(In case someone asks, my understanding is that Jill Stein (Green) has said she has no plans to run this year.)


Add Julián Castro to the list.


It’s truly a permanent campaign now. Crazy.


“Too many Democrats, the national Democratic Party, sees this in kind of this false choice of Democrats speak to the progressive base, or speak to working class families regardless of race. I think you need to do both,”

Hmmm a centrist? My father, a conservative “republican”, is fed up with trump’s BS but, so far has seen any progressive Dem candidate as too left to vote for as an alternative. Perhaps a more centrist candidate will draw votes from the party previously known as “republican” to the Dem side.


It is going to be a crowded field, which is a fitting metaphor for the Democratic party.

I am just hoping the party picks the most electable candidate instead of the one which tows the party line the best.


I love Brown, but right now I wonder if another white guy is the answer?


this seems like a problematic standard


Yeah, I had not read this particular article, but am aware of the ‘electability’ factor being often coded language. I should have said “Polls the best” or similar. As in, we look at voter polls and see who is the most favored for the Democratic candidate.

Well, ostensibly that’s the whole point of the primary system—to find out which candidate has the most support.


And yet we ran Clinton instead of Sanders last time around.


I supported Sanders, but ultimately I had to accept that more of my fellow Americans voted for Clinton in the primaries. Them’s the breaks sometimes.


You missed John Delaney.

On July 28, 2017, Delaney became the first Democrat to announce he is running for president in 2020.[2]

I listen to the 538 podcast sometimes, he’s a running joke there, but nevertheless he’s a candidate.

Votes to increase Trump’s military budget:

Booker: 3

Brown: 3

Gabbard: 1

Gillibrand: 1

Harris: 2

Kaine: 3

Kennedy III: 1

Klobuchar: 3

Murphy: 3

O’Rourke: 3

Sanders: 0

Warren: 2




Oh, you rascal, you.


The Hillary hate I understood. I’m very suspicious of Warrenphobia. I think she has an image problem created in part by her occassionally doing embarrassing shit, and of course I have my policy differences, but Warren should have a lot more anti-corporate street cred. That said, I don’t mind casting her aside if I think she’ll lose to Trump. If it does come to that, I’m not going to care why people don’t like her. Now is not the time to get hung up on principle over actually winning the election.

ETA: I’m already hearing people describe her as a “corporatist.” I mean, she is, but there’s definitely a loss of perspective in equating her to Clinton or Obama.


My concern is she has a slim record of actions (not words), and don’t want to get, for lack of a better term, “Obama’d” again.

But I’d vote for her. A lot more enthusiastically than Clinton. Maybe even in the primary. Bernie is old as shit, and if they “compromise” by putting someone terrible in as VP he could pull a Harrison

We’re going to get a compromise candidate. Trump is going to pull the Dems right this election. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do anything about it, but the new candidate has to be at least able to match Trump in terms of making free publicity for themselves, and paradoxically Warren may well turn out to be ideal. Maybe we need more embarrassing shenanigans from the person running against Trump. I’m being completely serious, btw.


I’m still going with