German animation explains the evils of ubiquitous surveillance



Well done! It is beautifully rendered and explains the problem clearly without dumbing it down. Everyone should watch this, think about it and share it with friends.


Hmmmm. Browsing on safari with an iPad, didn’t see any subtitles. :frowning:

Try the CC button on the bottom right of the window.

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Typical Germans, being so worried about the “surveillance states”, “eroding civil liberties” and the like. We should probably ignore them. Remember, they hate us for our security.


Browsing on Chrome on Android; same problem. Don’t see any CC button either. :frowning:

Being German, the narrator is allowed to make comparisons to the Nazis without invoking Godwin’s Law

Are you serious? What kind of identity politics is that? Godwin’s Law should be invoked when someone make pointless Nazi comparisons, regardless where the speaker comes from. “Godwins Gesetz” is well known in Germany, too - and I have seen it used by right wing conservatives and extremists trying to shut up their opposition.

@Westfakia, @spookiewon : have you tried holding the device in landscape mode? The “CC” button is invisible in portrait mode (at least on my device)

And I don’t remember if it’s possible on the mobile version of youtube, but on the desktop version there’s a button to view the translated transcript of the video (It’s below the video, between the “Add To” Button and the one for stats)

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Yeah what could those Germans probably know about surveillance states and erosion of civil liberties. They act as if they’re experts or something …

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It’s partly correct, in this case. We fucking had Nazis in this country. Hell, we invented them and they were a well established part of the political landscape of this country and we are still working on the aftershocks, like when we find Nazi-sympathetic texts given to current high school graduates in an unbroken chain¹ from 1945 to today.

Outside of Germany, the political impact is far less: The Nazis were bad guys and got theirs. Invoking parallels to Nazism there is in most cases farfetched and in many cases absurdly wrong.

Âą This refers to the history, not the actual bookgiving.

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Das ist fur uns ja richtig. Aber wohin bleiben die Untertiteln?

Which, I have to remind you, is not Godwin’s Law. The famed law only states that eventually, if discussions go on long enough, Nazis will be mentioned.

Dabei muss ich dich daran erinnern dass das Godwingesetz nur sagt dass je länger eine Diskussion dauert, steigt die Wahrscheinlichkeit dass die Nazis in Erwähnung kommen.

sigh Can’t upload a picture as a new user. Or link to one. So you need to copy’n’paste this link to my shooped image based on a throwaway sketch from the video:

Probably too much work for most people, but I spent so long making the damn thing I wanted to get it up somewhere…
…and if this isn’t an obscure enough corner of the web for it, I don’t know what is.

PS I promise it’s just a jpg, nothing malicious.

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