Germany lifts ban on Nazi imagery in some video games

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This just means that Germans want to shoot video game Nazis in the face as much as the rest of us.




Thanks Germany, you gave us Nazis and you see what it’s doing to Amerika, and then you do this?

Where do you think the Germans got the idea from in the first place?



In the consequence, that would not only mean we can at last shoot Nazis in games, but we can also play Wolfenstein without being stuck with a terrible voiceover because the only version we can buy right now is censored and German language only.

Also, at least theoretically, we could finally play Sniper Elite, Zombie Army 1 and 2 on the main servers and maybe find some other players, instead of being restricted to completely empty German servers.

Aaaaah! Good times ahead!

We do what? Shoot virtual Nazis? Yeah, some of us do. Not good?

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Assuming I’m reading their intent on “case-by-case” correctly, I don’t really see a problem here. They’re finally allowing germans to (virtually, cathartically) shoot nazis.

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